Vietnam gives heed to basic science, Deputy PM


Vietnam pays special attention to boosting the development of science in general and basic science in particular, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam said at an international seminar in the central province of Binh Dinh on July 7.

The seminar on basic and social sciences, co-organised by France’s Rencontres du Vietnam (Meeting Vietnam) and the Ministry of Science and Technology, drew more than 250 domestic and foreign scientists.

After three decades of reform, Vietnam’s investment in science and technology development has increased by 30 times. Many State awards have been designed to promote the development of the sector, he said.

Dam also spoke highly of activities arranged by Meeting Vietnam, which helped the country access advanced sciences and technologies in the world, significantly contributing to the nation’s socio-economic development.

The Vietnamese Government commits to creating favourable conditions for the organisation to hold international conferences and workshops in Vietnam, and provide support for the establishment of the I nternational Centre for Inter-sector Science and Education (ICISE) in Binh Dinh, he stated.

President of the Rencontres du Vietnam Tran Thanh Van said the seminar aims to propose initiatives concerning basic and social sciences in Asian nations, especially developing countries like Vietnam.

It also offers a good chance for scientists, policy makers and representatives from private economic sectors to analyse and assess the role of science in social development, he added.

Participants to the event focused their discussions on the importance of basic science in emerging countries; basic science and sustainable development; basic research and peace, climate, health and global basic education; knowledge and technology.-VNA
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John Smith 7/7/16 21:13

the role of science in social development is very important

Deck Hero14 7/7/16 21:16

a national programme on science and technology development towards 2020, has been submitted to the Prime Minister for approval.

Gentle Moon 7/7/16 21:17

The State will also assist in the commercialization activities of products, market development, construction activities and infrastructure development.

Love Peace 7/7/16 21:21

Basic science is still not a strong side of Vietnam, we need to improve it

LawrenceSamuels 7/7/16 21:25

we need more good scientists and change policies to promote the development of science in Vietnam

Pack Cassiopian 7/7/16 21:37

I think, the young generation should be more interested in science rather than in finance or other social objects.

Jane smartnic 7/7/16 21:38

all organisations and individuals working in the fields of science and technology should be more supported

MaskOf Zero 7/7/16 21:41

We also need cooperate with highly-developed partners in science like Japan, the US, EU...

Only Solidar 7/7/16 21:43

I believe that Vietnam will become one of the center of science in the near future

yobro yobro 7/7/16 21:48

Despite of having financial difficulties, the Party and State have been creating favorable conditions for science development

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