New efforts to strengthen global nuclear security (Part 3 and end)


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3. Challenges
According to nuclear experts, since the first NSS (2010), in spite of the fact that a number of positive results have been recorded, effort to prevent and fight nuclear threat in many countries has been weakened. There exist a series of holes in security cooperation among nuclear facilities worldwide. James Lewis, an expert at Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), believes that one of the most effective measures against nuclear terrorism is close “international cooperation and assignment”. However, even in this important Summit, there were no representatives from nuclear powers, such as Russia, Iran, North Korea and Belarus. Meanwhile, issues on fundamental structure of an international nuclear security system have not been solved thoroughly. Holes in nuclear security have really existed in international administration frameworks, such as information sharing, system of browsers and procedures for setting performance standards. Moreover, doubt among countries, particularly nuclear powers, also caused huge effect on cooperation in this field.
Besides, to some extent, awareness of nuclear security and cooperation within the framework of periodic international conferences, even the 4th Summit have been affected by political considerations of the U.S. – the world’s largest nuclear power. At present, the world nuclear situation is more challenging than ever due to more countries’ possessing nuclear weapons and the expansion of terrorism. If it still exists in a multi-pole world, it is impossible to solve the issue of nuclear security globally. Thus, it is thought that in order to create international stability, minimize the threat of nuclear terrorism and strengthen global nuclear security, it is necessary to build an inclusive, appropriate and robust mechanism which is effective enough to deal with global issues and in accordance with international norms. It could be led by real experience to optimize the common interests of all countries, and not be influenced by any particular country. This might be a prerequisite to build a global nuclear security architecture, meeting the goal of maintaining security and peace of a world without nuclear weapons.

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John Smith 18/7/16 13:41

The nuclear industry has not been immune to cyber-attacks.

Gentle Moon 18/7/16 13:42

There have been cases of random malware-based attacks at nuclear power plants, and of such facilities being specifically targeted.

LawrenceSamuels 18/7/16 13:43

The IAEA continues to do what it can to help governments, organizations, and individuals adapt to evolving technology-driven threats from determined cyber adversaries.

Jane smartnic 18/7/16 13:43

It was important that all internationally agreed nuclear instruments are in force and actually used.

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