Reactionary portraits: Bui Tin - A traitor to the country


About Bui Tin - a petty Vietnamese individual abroad who always keeps crying about his losses and groundlessly accusing Vietnamese government and leaders for anything that hostile forces want him to say, if just that we will not need to mention about him, but a fact that he once served in the  People's Army of Vietnam as a colonel and the former Vice Chief Editor of the People's Daily (Nhân Dân, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of Vietnam) makes him a contemptiple traitor to his country.
Bùi Tín was born near Hanoi on December 29, 1927, and was educated in Huế. During the August Revolution in 1945, he became an active supporter to politically pressure the government of France to cede Vietnam its independence. He later joined the Việt Minh along with President Hồ Chí Minh and General Võ Nguyên Giáp. He would fight on two sides of the line, using both weapons and his skills as a journalist for the Vietnam People's Army newspaper. He enlisted in the Vietnamese People's Army at age 18. He was wounded during the 1954 Battle of HYPERLINK ""DienHYPERLINK "" Bien HYPERLINK ""Phu. After the war ended, he went on to serve as the Vice Chief Editor of the People's Daily (Nhân Dân, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of Vietnam), responsible for the Sunday People's (Nhân Dân Chủ Nhật).
As that CV, you can think he must be a senior official, a patriot who has devoted his life for the people’s revolution and the country’s interests, but sadly it went wrong. He became disillusioned in the mid-1980s with postwar corruption and the continuing isolation of Vietnam. Tin was invited to France in September 1991 by the Communist newspaper, L’Humanité. Bui Tin decided to leave Vietnam and live in exile in Paris to express his growing dissatisfaction with Vietnam's Communist leadership and conduct anti-Vietnam propaganda against the national interests. His public criticism of the leadership, as well as their policies, led to his expulsion from the Communist Party in March 1991. He acquired political refugee status in 1994. Now, he is turned out to be a traitor to his own country and people.
Tin has published eight books on Viet Nam since his exile. His book, “Following Ho Chi Minh: Memoirs of a North Vietnamese Colonel” (1992), evaluates the performance of the Vietnamese leadership between 1945 and 1990. Criticizing his former leader President Ho Chi Minh, for adopting a communist system for Vietnam, for the development of heavy industry, hasty collectivization, the elimination of the bourgeoisie, the starting of concentration camps and the mistreatment of intellectuals. And, criticizing General Giap, who even his enemies must pay respect. Tin alleged that the Vietnamese leadership is using Uncle Ho's name to justify its policies, as if he were still alive. We all know how great and notable Uncle Ho and General Giap are admitted inside and outside the country, especially in the Vietnamese people’s hearts, and no one would be naïve to believe in his allegations.
One thing that affirms greatness of Uncle Ho and General Giap is even Bui Tin himself must reserve his specific respect for them. Bui Tin respected Ho's leadership, and thought that had he lived through the fall of South Vietnam, he was a sufficiently cautious leader to have prevented the re-education camps, the boat people, and the wars with China and Cambodia. About wars, in a 2000 PBS American Experience forum, he maintained that no captured American soldiers had been tortured during their captivity in North Vietnam during the war.
        But as according to Reuters, “the articles by Bui Tin, a traitor, is not worth comment” said the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman. And, in the last chapter of his memoirs, it is a poor dying traitor, who reveals the difficulties of leaving behind his family, who were unable to join him in France for his betrayal./.
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Love Peace 5/7/16 13:53

He is a black sheep of the country. Unbelievable to think that he used to be a soldier in our army.

Only Solidar 5/7/16 13:59

It's worthless and so stupid he is when he criticized Uncle Ho and General Giap, who have rooted in not only Vietnamese people's hearts but the world's as great men, who sacificed themselves for the country and human's liberation struggles.

Pack Cassiopian 5/7/16 14:03

Go to hell and meet your comrades to confess, old man!

MaskOf Zero 5/7/16 14:07

So pity that a man like him, who had done many contributions for the country, now turned to a traitor like that.

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