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                                             Vietnamese textbooks for overseas Vietnamese
A new online portal will enable Vietnamese people living overseas to learn Vietnamese via the Internet, following a project recently approved by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

The project, entitled “Intensifying teaching Vietnamese online to overseas Vietnamese” aims to help Vietnamese people living abroad, particularly the young generation, gain sufficient knowledge about their mother tongue in order to nurture their love for the homeland and maintain national traditions and character.

The project will develop and maintain online Vietnamese teaching programmes at six levels, meeting the criteria of being basic, effective and easy to access.

Vietnamese lessons and learning materials will be provided to learners to improve their pronunciation and knowledge in various majors, such as folk culture and art, science and technology and social science and humanities, among others. Learners will also be provided various documents such as handbooks in Vietnamese on communication, travel, business and gastronomy, among others.

The project will develop an online portal to serve as a platform for learning activities, including classes with teachers, exams and forums to exchange teaching experiences.

The education and training ministry, authorised by the government, is already running a website to teach Vietnamese to overseas Vietnamese at

In 2015, the overseas Vietnamese community consisted of roughly 4.5 million people spread across 109 countries and territories, Deputy Foreign Minister and Chairman of the State Committee on Overseas Vietnamese Affairs Vu Hong Nam said.-VNA

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Deck Hero14 17/7/16 21:52

This web is very useful for overseas Vietnamese

yobro yobro 17/7/16 21:53

This helps overseas Vietnamese generations, especially younger generations, have sufficient Vietnamese language ability for regular use, contributing to maintaining and promoting the sense of connection with their origins, the homeland and preserving national identity.

Jane smartnic 17/7/16 21:55

Vietnamese language is precious,especially for those who live far from home in foreign countries.

Love Peace 17/7/16 21:58

Knowing the language, the young overseas Vietnamese can understand the history and culture of the country.

LawrenceSamuels 17/7/16 22:00

I can speak Vietnamese fluently

Pack Cassiopian 17/7/16 22:02

Vietnamese language should be the mother tongue of all Vietnamese over the world

Gentle Moon 17/7/16 22:05

The Government should have a contest about protecting national sovereignty over seas and islands for Vietnamese, who are living, studying or working abroad.

MaskOf Zero 17/7/16 22:08

We also should open schools for overseas Vietnamese in foreign countries

Only Solidar 17/7/16 22:10

This portal helps me a lot in teaching Vietnamese for my children

John Smith 17/7/16 22:13

Now overseas Vietnamese can learn their mother tongue easily! Thanks to the Party and Government!

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