Racism is still an ache in America

                 Half of US black people say they have been unfairly treated by the police over their race

More than 50 years after human rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. gave the famous speech “I have a dream”, spoke out his desire of a future in which the black and white are treated equally and living in harmony, racism is now still an ache in the US society.
The US is a multiracial and multicultural society. Hiding under the curtain of multiculturalism, however, the multiracialism has been lingering in the US society, especially the discrimination of white Americans against the African-American community, the discrimination of white American in law enforcement forces against African-American. The recent series of dangerous events have alerted the increasing racism in the US.
In November 2014, the wave of violence spread widely in Ferguson town, Missouri after the jury acquitted a white-American police officer of shooting dead Michael Brown, a young black American.
In April 2015, the US authorities had to deploy National Guard and imposed a curfew in Baltimore, Maryland after the death of Freddie Gray, a black American who had died during police custody. And recently, the US was once again shaken by a storm of protest in more than 10 cities, opposing the death of 2 colored-American who was shot dead by police in states of Minnesota and Louisiana.
More than 300 years ago, the first African came to America by slave ships. In 1862, the slavery was abolished in the US after President Abraham Lincoln’s proposal of… However, for hundreds of years, the Africa-American have been treated unfairly and despised by white American.
In the eyes of many white American, the colored is considered as the class that lacks of morality and wisdom in American society. In many states, the Africa-American’s basic human rights have been limited, including the right to vote. According to social investigation statistics in 2015, the labor resource of black American has the cone shape, the more important of positions such as CEO of entrepreneur or high-ranking officers in the Government the fewer black American is at.
In fact, it’s undeniable that for years the black American community has important contributions to build a powerful America and there has had a lot of black American who have been successful on many areas from culture-art, sport to economy-politics such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Muhammad Ali, Toni Morrison, Colin Powell...
Some people even dreamt of a new chapter for the black American community after Senator Barack Obama became the first colored President of the country in 2008. However, the successes of some black American are just few and rare bright spots in the picture of the whole US.
Black American account for more than 40% of prisoner in the US, while the unemployment rate of the Africa-American community is always high (10%) and the crime rate is always higher than ethnic minorities.
For recent 5 years, about 2 millions of the black have escaped from the poverty, but the proportion of poor people remains above 20% and the Africa-American have still been the biggest social benefit receiving community
For nearly 8 years after Obama became the first Africa-America President, the US has adjusted policies to control racism such as raising the number of the black in law enforcement forces. However there has been the inequality in treatment between the white and black American.
According to a research of Gallup Institute, 49% of American population said that the US’ legal system is against the Africa-American community and 67% of the colored American believes that they don’t have equal treatment in cases that involve with police.
The “hot spots” of violence like Ferguson, Baltimore or Dallas have recently sparked due to the police shot dead the colored. The US Constitution allows citizens to own guns, and many Africa-American consider carrying gun with them is act of guns culture of American. However, this is also one of the reasons that make police have trend to act too violently against the colored. A lot of police said that they are afraid of getting hit if they don’t shoot first.
The Civil Rights Movement of the black power in period 1954-1975 has opened a new chapter for the African American community in particular and the American community of different cultures in general.
However, since then, there are still many questions surrounding the issue of equality in American society when racism still appears in all aspects of social life. Therefore, the United States should have policies and drastic actions to make the dream of Martin Luther King come true./.

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