New efforts to strengthen global nuclear security (Part 2)


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2. Strong commitments
International analysts believed that the world has seen rapid and complicated changes. Together with the rising role of many countries in a multi-pole world, the international community has witnessed the expansion of terrorism, especially the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) in the Middle East and potentially in the whole world. It is likely that IS will make radioactive “dirty bombs” and cause radioactive contamination on large scale causing serious consequences for economies and people’s health. The U.S. estimated that there exist about 2,000 tons of nuclear materials worldwide. It takes only 25 kilograms of HEU to make an atomic bomb, and it is even much simpler to make a radioactive “dirty bomb”. According to IAEA statistics, over the past 20 years, there have been 2,800 cases of nuclear materials smuggling, theft, and loss. That is why nuclear terrorism has become the most serious threat to the world security.
Thus, in this Summit, most of the participating countries, particularly nuclear powers, such as the U.S., France, China, affirmed their commitment to strengthening nuclear security, nuclear disarmament, nuclear non-proliferation, reducing the risk of nuclear terrorism, and the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. French President Hollande pledged that Paris would adopt any measures to ensure nuclear security for its nuclear power plants and nuclear materials. Leaders of Japan, South Korea and Norway also expressed their cooperative commitments on taking measures for a non-nuclear weapon world. The U.S. – the only country ever used nuclear weapons – reaffirmed its commitment to taking the leading role in nuclear weapon disarmament, and proposed measures to strengthen cyber security for European nuclear power centres. Notably, the U.S. and China released a 10-point Joint Statement on Nuclear Security Cooperation. One of which is to strengthen international peace and stability through reducing the risk of nuclear terrorism and enhancing cooperation in nuclear security.
As an active and responsible member of the international community, Vietnam took part in the Summit to affirm its awareness of nuclear threats, particularly acts of nuclear terrorism worldwide. It also took this occasion to express its consistence in non-proliferation and disarmament of weapons of mass destruction including nuclear weapons, strongly condemn the use of nuclear energy to threaten peace and stability of the region and the world, back up and call for cooperation among countries to more effectively prevent and combat nuclear terrorism in accordance with international law and each country’s law. Therefore, the NSS 2016 was considered a summit of commitments at highest level to strengthening nuclear and nuclear materials security, and fighting nuclear terrorism globally.

Besides, the Summit also discussed 5 action plans made by international organizations and initiatives relating to nuclear security, such as IAEA, the UN, INTERPOL, the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism (GICNT) and Global Partnership against the Spread of Weapons of Mass Destruction (Global Partnership). In this regard, each action plan would set out goals for member states of international initiatives to pursue. In the Summit, the GICNT was considered an effective mechanism to disseminate important messages of other nuclear security organizations as it has a large number of member states (86 ones). Accordingly, this Plan could promote information sharing and exchange, support countries in nuclear research, and provide techniques and skills to handle nuclear crisis. The international community expects that all the things mentioned above will promote the formation of global nuclear security architecture.
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yobro yobro 18/7/16 13:44

There has been a 70 per cent rise since 1999 in the amount of nuclear material in peaceful purposes and this trend will continue as global use of nuclear power increases.

Love Peace 18/7/16 13:45

Although there has not been a major terrorist attack involving nuclear or radiological material, it was important to remain vigilant.

MaskOf Zero 18/7/16 13:46

Only a handful of these incidents involved material that could be used to make a nuclear explosive device. But some of the material that goes missing could be combined with conventional explosives to create a dirty bomb.

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