Religious dignitaries provided defense and security knowledge


The Standing Board of the Central Council for Defense and Security Education and the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front co-organized a training course, on July 27 Morning in Thua Thien-Hue province, on defense and security knowledge for religious dignitaries.
Trainees were heads of religious organizations in the North and Central Highlands and the religious dignitaries who were newly elected to the 8th term Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front. 
Vice Chairman of the Standing Board of the Central Council for Defense and Security Education, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnam People’s Army, Lieutenant General Nguyen Phuong Nam was in charge of directing the training course.
The course included several major special subjects, such as the Party’s guidelines and viewpoints and State’s policies and laws on relationships between religions, ethnic category and defense, security in the new context; national security protection, people security building, the people security posture in association with the building of people defense; and combat against hostile forces’ “Peaceful evolution” strategy and plots to overthrow the people’s government and provoke riots in Vietnam.
According to the organizers, the training course aimed to equip religious dignitaries with knowledge of defense and security, raise their awareness and responsibility for protecting political security, social order and safety, and promote unity in both thinking and action between the Vietnam Fatherland and religious organizations in conducting public education and information dissemination on the Fatherland defense and building missions.

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John Smith 29/7/16 09:43

Although independent in their rituals, religions in Viet Nam are bound to each other in the national unity bloc towards the goal of a wealthy people, and a strong, democratic, fair and civilized country.

LawrenceSamuels 29/7/16 09:44

Traditional beliefs reflect the rich and diverse spiritual life, tolerance, humanity, and national unity of the Vietnamese people. These factors enable them to easily get on with other beliefs and religions.

yobro yobro 29/7/16 09:48

each belief or religion has distinctive cultural characteristics, but all, influenced by national traditions, yearn for truth, goodness, and beauty, and all help to beautify the nation’s diverse and rich culture.

MaskOf Zero 29/7/16 09:49

during the nation’s modern history colonialists, imperialists, and reactionary forces have attempted to take advantage of beliefs, religions, and related issues to invade and rule Viet Nam, or cause political instability and social disorder to serve their ill-intentioned plots.

Only Solidar 29/7/16 09:49

Currently, hostile forces use beliefs and religions as weapons in a so-called “peaceful evolution” strategy to sabotage the construction and defense of socialist Viet Nam.

Deck Hero14 29/7/16 09:50

Viet Nam’s current state of religions and beliefs is basically stable given clearer awareness on the part of the majority of religious followers and dignitaries about Vietnamese Party and State guidelines and policies on religious freedom.

Pack Cassiopian 29/7/16 09:51

Inheriting Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts and the Communist Party of Viet Nam’s guidelines on freedom of beliefs, religions and national unity throughout revolutionary periods, the Communist Party of Viet Nam has enacted many policies on beliefs, religions, and religious work during the renovation period.

Love Peace 29/7/16 09:53

Upholding cultural and ethical values of religions and encouraging religious organizations, dignitaries and followers to lead good secular and religious lives and to make an active contribution to national construction and defense.

Jane smartnic 29/7/16 09:54

During the national renovation period, the Vietnamese Party and State’s consistent viewpoints and policies on freedom of belief and religion have been implemented more openly.

Gentle Moon 29/7/16 09:55

Many recent momentous international religious activities hosted by Viet Nam have won world acclaim, vividly demonstrating Viet Nam’s policies on freedom of belief and religion.

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