Vietnam contributes to success of UNHRC session


Vietnamese officials have actively participated in discussion panels of the 32nd session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), which concluded on July 1st with 34 resolutions approved.
Among the adopted resolutions, Vietnam was the co-author of the resolution on the rights of children and climate change, together with the Philippines and Bangladesh.
The resolution, introduced at the session’s opening ceremony on June 13th by Vice State President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh, received the ideas and support from numerous nations and organisations during consultation rounds which lasted three weeks.
During the discussion process, Vietnam affirmed that negative consequences of climate change hinder the enjoyment of people’s rights, including the right to live, to receive healthcare, and to develop.
In the country, climate change, especially abnormal floods, drought and saline intrusion, claimed thousands of lives, destroyed a great number of houses, schools, and infrastructure facilities every year. It poses a challenge for food security for not only Vietnam but also many countries importing food from Vietnam.
Based on Vietnam’s responsible ideas, the UNHRC approved the resolution, affirming the international community’s attention to the relationship between children’s rights and climate change.
Besides Vietnam, the Philippines and Bangladesh, nearly 100 countries have registered to sponsor the resolution.
At the 32nd session, Vietnam also co-sponsored five resolutions on youths and human rights, the right to education, the right to food, the right to peace, and international unity.
The next session is scheduled for September in Geneva, Switzerland, marking Vietnam’s completion of its 2014-2016 tenure as an active and responsible UNHRC member./.

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John Smith 4/7/16 15:38

Vietnam has been an active and responsible member of the United Nations Human Right Council

Gentle Moon 4/7/16 15:39

Vietnam has affirmed its image and role and position at the UN human rights forum.

LawrenceSamuels 4/7/16 15:40

Vietnam took part in discussions at meetings and consultations on different themes relating to the protection of human rights. It made substantial contributions to resolutions and decisions of the council.

Jane smartnic 4/7/16 15:41

Vietnam’s participation in the council highlighted dialogue and cooperation, striving for the goal of ensuring human rights on the basis of mutual respect.

yobro yobro 4/7/16 15:42

Vietnam’s efforts, achievements and experience in ensuring human rights and its role in the Human Rights Council have been applauded by many countries.

Love Peace 4/7/16 15:42

Vietnam will continue to demonstrate responsibility in bringing prosperity and happiness to people

MaskOf Zero 4/7/16 15:46

Considering tremendous achievements of Vietnam and tireless efforts of the government in human rights over 70 years, the participants believed that Vietnam has made positive contributions to establishing human right values on both regional and global scale.

Only Solidar 4/7/16 15:47

Nowadays, under the socialist regime in Vietnam, human rights have been improved in both quality and quantity.

Pack Cassiopian 4/7/16 15:57

Every other country and the United Nations recognize the progress Vietnam has made, adding that Vietnam is fast becoming a regional leader and it is in the interest of the US to work with, not against, Vietnam.

Deck Hero14 4/7/16 15:59

In recent years, the country has gained great achievements in securing human rights in civil, political, economic, cultural and social affairs, which have been recognised by the international community.

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