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Kết quả hình ảnh cho Children using social media increases

A study of the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) published on July 14, 2016 showed that the number of children using social media in the country in 2015 increased significantly in comparison with the previous year.
The study was conducted from November to December 2015, surveyed 1,200 Singapore residents at the age from 0-14, those from 0-6 years old can be answered by their parents.
Through research, MDA indicated that 65% of surveyed children have used social media since 2015, this figure had increased in comparison with 49.8% in 2014.
Among them, 79.8% of children carried out the survey have used the internet, and on average they begin to access the internet from 6.1 years old.
Smartphones are used by 86.1% of children to access the internet, while 78.3% of them use the tablet.
In a separate study itself, MDA indicated that children under 6 often like to watch videos on a tablet while children aged 11-14 prefer to use smart phones and computers.

When talking about traditional television, the Mediacorp channels are still the first choice of children. On average, the children spent 0.9 hours per day seeing the Mediacorp channes, while children under 6 years of age use most of the time to see other channels. Okto channel is most popular children's programs of Mediacorp.
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