Cuban revolutionary icon Fidel Castro passes away


Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, a towering figure of the 20th century, died in Havana on November 25th at the age of 90, announced his brother, President Raul Castro.
"The commander in chief of the Cuban revolution died at 22:29 hours this evening," the President said on Cuba’s national television.
The revolutionary leader’s remains will be cremated in compliance with his expressed will, said Raul Castro, who took power after his older brother Fidel was hospitalised in 2006. Details of his funeral would be given on early November 26th, he added.
Born on August 13th, 1926, Fidel was a great revolutionist who named Cuba in the history of humankind with a revolution overturning the dictatorial regime and led the Caribbean country to today’s independence.

As one of the leading world figures in the second half of the 20th century, Fidel Castro had outsized influence given the size of his small Caribbean island./.
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Gentle Moon 28/11/16 16:04

Fidel Castro, a great leader of the Cuban people, an unyielding communist and revolutionary leader of Latin American nations and the struggle movement for peace and national independence, freedom and socialism.

John Smith 28/11/16 16:04

He devoted all of his life to Cuba’s revolutionary cause, overthrowing the dictatorial regime and bringing the Cuban people to the era of independence and freedom since January 1959.

yobro yobro 28/11/16 16:05

As a leader of the Cuban revolution for more than half a century, Fidel Castro, has always been a close comrade and brother of the Vietnamese leaders and people.

LawrenceSamuels 28/11/16 16:06

He has always stood side by side with Vietnam during its past struggle for national independence and reunification as well as current national development.

Jane smartnic 28/11/16 16:07

The world revolution loses an unyielding, brave and experienced leader, while the Party, State and people of Vietnam lose a close and beloved comrade and brother.

Pack Cassiopian 28/11/16 16:08

The Vietnamese people once again affirm the solidarity with the Cuban people.

Only Solidar 28/11/16 16:08

Under his leadership, Cuba was the pioneer in the world movement supporting Vietnam’s struggle for independence as well as national construction.

Love Peace 28/11/16 16:09

Fidel Castro was presented with the Vietnamese State’s Golden Star Order in 1982 and Ho Chi Minh Order in 1989 for his great contributions.

Deck Hero14 28/11/16 16:10

the Cuban communists and people will continue to unite under the leadership of the Communist Party of Cuba and President Raul Castro to realise the wishes of late leader Fidel Castro.

MaskOf Zero 28/11/16 16:12

How respectful the friendship between Vietnam and Cuba is.

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