Stories of the so-called fighters of democracy

The so-called fighter of democracy

Recently, a Vietnamese American whose facebook name is "Khanh Dang" had suddenly declared on his personal pages that "do not want to talk about politics anymore”. The declaration has attracted many people to share, as well as discussions on the Internet because Khanh Dang used to actively participate in activities to “strike for democracy in Vietnam" and demonstrations organized by the yellow flag groups in San Jose, the United States...
Talking about the reason to participate in the activities "to fight for democracy", he said "fighting for democracy in Vietnam is a very meaningful and respectful job and really should be done. We should speak out the truth, criticize the dark side of the society, or activities that may cause bad affect to the lives of people and the safety of the entire nation."
But in fact, after a period joining such activities, he had realized the truth and felt disappointed. "A lot of people, in the name of struggling for democracy, have been using dirty tricks as their tools such as photoshopping pictures, launching distorted information, cheating on other people for love and money... If someone has opposite comments, they will delete the comments or block the account immediately,” he said.
If the tricks of someone in the groups are brought to the light, they immediately protect their member and attack the person who had spoken out. Even though they all know that is wrongdoing.
"Sometimes after reading few articles of “the fighters”, we has a feeling that the Communism is going to collapse...” he said
In the US, a lot of Vietnamese American, who were famous with extreme the anti-communist activities such as Mr. Nguyen Phuong Hung, a reporter, the owner of  the website named “”, Ms. Phung Tue Chau the head of the editorial board of the Que Huong Radio… have become the bridges between “the fighters” with the motherland. They have been giving advices for those, who are acting like what  they did before, to come  back to Vietnam, seeing what “the communists” are really doing and compare with what they have been heard in the U.S.
Understanding this fact, in Vietnam, a group of entrepreneurs has founded “the Association of the patriotic overseas journalists” (now renamed “Viet Heart”) on the Facebook to invite and support the extreme anti-communist journalists in the US and EU to come to Vietnam to see directly by their eyes the development of the motherland. The association is becoming “community” of the patriotic overseas journalists.
The anti-communist forces in overseas Vietnamese community are tired of attacking the patriotic overseas Vietnamese because they are too many, and getting more crowded day by day.
After posting the declaration on the Facebook, Khanh Dang has been criticized for “trampling the precious sacrifice of the fighters of democracy”. He responded that: “we can’t take a lie to regain the truth”.
The declaration of Khanh Dang has been shared and supported on social networks.
Another example, a facebook group in Vietnam, that had joined the democratic movement, has already transformed to a group that acting against the movement after realizing the nature of the movement.
The so-called democratic fighters has been using dirty tricks to propaganda against the Party, State and communists, lure people to join in the movement of cheating. But they can’t hold the truth of lies forever.
 And when the victims realize the nature of the movement, they would be the most active fighters against the movement. How true!
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Jane smartnic 12/11/16 20:51

These fighter should go to hell

Jane smartnic 12/11/16 20:52

These fighter should go to hell or be jailed forever

Deck Hero14 12/11/16 20:55

It is so ridiculous that they're using dirty tricks to demand for the good deeds of life

LawrenceSamuels 12/11/16 20:59

the democracy, what they're fighting for, has already been in Vietnam since we gained the independence in 1975

Pack Cassiopian 12/11/16 21:00

they are blind ones

Gentle Moon 12/11/16 21:02

Khanh Dang has made a smart choice in his life

MaskOf Zero 12/11/16 21:05

They should stop acting like idiots and come back to the homeland and see the development in Vietnam

John Smith 12/11/16 21:09

The country and people of Vietnam always welcome these fighter to come back and give hands to build this country stronger together

yobro yobro 12/11/16 21:12

We should be united rather than fighting against each other

Only Solidar 12/11/16 21:14

Vietnam is still poor but we have ensured all of the basic rights of the human for Vietnamese people.

Love Peace 12/11/16 21:17

Come back and be good citizens of Vietnam! that's what the fighters of democracy should do

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