Freedom House again falsely judged Vietnam's Internet freedom in 2016 report


Once again, the report of Freedom House, a Washington DC based research firm, has falsely judged Vietnam’s Internet freedom in its 2016 report released Monday, November 14th. Vietnam is ranked 76th in Internet freedom out of 88 countries in the survey. Not just Vietnam, the report also named China, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Cuba, Uzbekistan and Bahrain as worst countries on Internet censorship.
FOR the second consecutive year, China has been found to be the worst abuser of Internet freedom in the world. The human rights watchdog said the Chinese government’s crackdown on free expression under President Xi Jinping’s information security policy is taking its toll on the digital activists who have traditionally fought back against censorship and surveillance.
It said that while internet freedom has been impacted with recently introduced cyber crime bill, however, overall score remained unchanged due to opening up of YouTube and an increase in over-all internet penetration in the country.
As mentioned before, Freedom House is just a private group in the U.S., and this report just reflects its own prejudiced assessments. But, it’s still an unfortunate news for Vietnam. Those recent years, Vietnamese government has adopted many policies to boost Internet freedom in Vietnam and promoted favorable conditions for Internet users which many other international groups and organizations have highly praised. Vietnam now has a larger number of Internet users than other nations in the region and worldwide. So, those people who have time to conduct these surveys, like Freedom House, should take time to visit Vietnam for reality before issuing any cautiousless report like that.

We voice out to protest this wrongly accused report to Vietnam and hope to no more false report like that./.
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Love Peace 17/11/16 17:07

Even, the European Union has unveiled a "code of conduct" to combat the spread of "illegal hate speech" online in Europe. I think any internet free speech that harms national security, a country has rights to deal with it.

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