If Donald Trump makes a breakthrough, the hidden side of the US Presidential election will be exposed

“It’s not only the loss of confidence in the Government, but also the loss in the electoral procedure. And then the whole American democracy will be doubted”
The realistic American
On October 21, Reuters/Ipos announced the result of its opinion poll on two U.S. presidential candidates.
According to the poll, 70-year-old billionaire Donald Trump is narrowing the gap with his democrat opponent Hillary Clinton despite being entangled in the scandal of infringing women and constantly skeptical about the legitimacy of the 2016 election.
The former US Secretary Clinton is on the lead in the race with the “boss” of real estate Donald Trump with the score of 44%-40%. In comparison with the result of the previous poll (44%-37%), the gap has been narrowed dramatically.
The results of opinions polls of the US mass media are different from each other. In the 3 times of CNN opinion polls, after the first presidential debate, the percentage of supporters for Hillary was 62%, while the percentage for Trump was 27%; After the second debate, the percentage for Hillary dropped to 57% while the percentage for Trump was 34%. After the latest debate, the supporting percentage of Hillary and Trump was 52%, 39% in turn.
Meanwhile, Real Clear Politics issued that the supporting percentage of Hillary is 48% and Trump’s one is 44%. And in the CBS News’ result, Hillary is leading with 51% while Mr. Trump has 40%.
In a completely opposite result announced by Los Angeles Times, Mr. Trump has 46.5% higher than Hillary’s percentage of 43%.
In the poll, Reuters/Ipos also asked everyone about Trump’s behavior.
Answering the question, 63% people, including 1/3 potential voters of the Republican believed that Mr. Trump has inappropriate behavior to women.
American always lives realistically and practically. Some people, who joined in the poll, said that no matter the scandal is real or not, they still support the New York billionaire candidate because they think that what Trump did in the past is not more important than what he would do as the President of the United States.
The election of doubt
Related to the result of the upcoming election, only half of the Republican voters said they would accept Ms. Hillary Clinton to be the President, though 70% of them believe that there may be fraud in the electoral process.
In contrast, 70% of the Democrat voters said they would accept Mr. Trump to be the President, though nearly 50% of them believe that the result is invalid or was arranged.
The polls were organized consecutively after Trump criticized repeatedly media and political organizations for arranging the election against him. The billionaire also stimulates supporters to prevent voter casting their ballots in the election day on November 8.
About who will be the next President of the United States, Ms. Clinton said she would accept the result of the election, while Mr. Trump said his decision depends on the result of the election. There are 8/10 members of the Republican concern about the accuracy when counting votes. This rate of the Democrat is 6/10.
Ms. Lonna Atkeson, Professor at New Mexico university, head of the research center of Vote, Election and Democracy said that: “the Republican has worried much more than the Democrat”.
According to the professor, the concern and losing confidence in electoral system, especially in the Republican, are at the highest level. “I have never ever seen an election like this. Absolutely not in this modern history,” Ms. Atketson expressed.
She said that the losing in confidence is very dangerous. Loss of confidence in the government is one thing, but loss of confidence in electoral process is different. “And then the whole US American democracy will be doubted,” Ms Atketson affirmed.
The presidential election has a lot of doubts about the transparency. It has shown clearly the hidden sides of the US presidential election. Besides, it shows American are very confused and frustrated with the government in ensuring their ballots to the right person that they support and trust./.

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