Over 4,000 prisoners meet amnesty requirements


The Amnesty Consultancy Council on November 27th convened to adopt the list of prisoners who meet the standard for receiving amnesty before submitting it to the State President for approval.
Since 2009, in realization of the amnesty law, the State has implemented 6 amnesty periods, releasing 81,795 prisoners ahead of sentenced schedule, and postponing the enforcement of sentences for 919 others. A majority of prisoners who are granted with amnesty have returned to their residential areas, stabilized their lives and found ways to earn an honest living. 
Statistics by the Amnesty Consultancy Council show that there are a small number of prisoners granted amnesty returning to crime.
Addressing the meeting, Standing Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh stressed that humanity and clemency for criminals is a good tradition of our nation, adding that Vietnamese laws reflect both strict punishment for criminals, dangerous opposers and repeat offenders, and give clemency to criminals who show repentance, making favourable conditions for them to redeem their wrongdoings and become constructive members of society. 
He asked for special attention to inspection after amnesty, especially in educating and giving vocational training and employment to those granted amnesty. “For those who are in extremely disadvantaged circumstances, it is necessary to encourage agencies, unions and socio-economic organizations to provide loans for them for production,” said Mr Hoa Binh.
After the meeting, the Amnesty Consultancy Council will submit a list of standard prisoners to the State President for approval. Accordingly, over 4,000 prisoners satisfy the requirements for amnesty./.

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Love Peace 30/11/16 14:23

The amnesty reflects the humanitarian nature of the Vietnamese people and aims to encourage inmates to reform.

MaskOf Zero 30/11/16 14:25

The amnesty granted for prisoners during the National Day aims to realise the humanitarian and clemency policies of the Party and State; and respect and protect the legitimate interests of prisoners.

Only Solidar 30/11/16 14:30

the amnesty policy reflected the nation’s humanitarian tradition.

Pack Cassiopian 30/11/16 14:30

Việt Nam is strict toward repeat offenders and dangerous ones, but also tolerant and forgiving toward those repenting while serving their sentences, performing their duties to the best of their abilities and contributing to the efficiency of the national crime prevention programme.

Deck Hero14 30/11/16 14:31

The law provides for favourable conditions for the reintegration of released inmates into society.

yobro yobro 30/11/16 14:32

Authorities at different levels should help amnesty recipients stabilise their lives and eliminate discrimination against them.

Jane smartnic 30/11/16 14:33

Although the number of people receiving amnesty is large, the nation’s political security and social public order is stable.

LawrenceSamuels 30/11/16 14:34

Việt Nam typically grants amnesty to prisoners on major national holidays, including the Lunar New Year (Tết) and Reunification Day.

Gentle Moon 30/11/16 14:35

The policy encouraged prisoners to reform themselves and become helpful to society.

John Smith 30/11/16 14:36

Politically, publicity, transparency and democracy in dossier verification helped press agencies and international human right organisations learn more about the country's lenience.

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