Great national unity serving as core source of national strength

Kết quả hình ảnh cho great national unity day in vietnam
A celebration of the great national unity bloc and the 86th founding anniversary of the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) was held in Phat Tich commune of Tien Du district, northern Bac Ninh province, on November 13.
At the event, which was also attended by Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong and President of the VFF Central Committee Nguyen Thien Nhan, local residents were reminded of the development of the Vietnam National United Front – the VFF’s predecessor founded by the Communist Party of Vietnam and then President Ho Chi Minh on November 18, 1930.
Over the past 86 years, the Front, under different names, has brought into play Vietnam’s traditional unity and patriotism and gathered people from all strata to defeat invaders and retake national independence.
Speaking to residents in Phat Tich, Party General Secretary Trong praised the solidarity, efforts and achievements that the local Party committees, administration, VFF chapter and people have obtained.
He highlighted local improved infrastructure, more industrial parks, good economic growth, stable social situation, and higher per capita income. Various activities have also been organised in response to VFF-launched movements.
He underscored the VFF’s significance to the national unity as seen through various initiatives today such as the great national unity festival, or movements calling for people’s joint efforts to practise civilised lifestyles, and build new-style rural areas and civilised cities.
The Party chief also sent congratulations to VFF staff nationwide on the occasion the great national unity festival.
During his stay in Phat Tich commune, he offered incense and planted trees at Phat Tich Pagoda, a national historical and cultural relict site of special importance.

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Deck Hero14 14/11/16 15:39

Great national unity is a valuable tradition of the nation, which has been accumulated through the process of the country building and defence.

Pack Cassiopian 14/11/16 15:40

Under the leadership of the Party, strengthening the great national unity on the basis of the working class, peasant class and intellectuals is the Vietnamese revolution’s strategy.

Only Solidar 14/11/16 15:40

Great national unity is viewed as the main and decisive factor ensuring the success of the country’s development and defence of the Fatherland.

MaskOf Zero 14/11/16 15:41

Following President Ho Chi Minh’s teachings, the Party and State have ensured people’s right to master the country and society.

Love Peace 14/11/16 15:43

The Vietnamese revolution has entered a new period of time, when the country faces a large number of difficulties and challenges in both socio-economic development and national defence. This requires the Vietnam Fatherland Front to further strengthen the great national unity, gathering in all kinds of Vietnamese people under the leadership of the Party to successfully build the country and defend the socialist Fatherland.

John Smith 14/11/16 15:44

It is believed that the Vietnam Fatherland Front with its glorious 86-year history and under the sound leadership of the Party will overcome all difficulties to fulfill its mission.

Gentle Moon 14/11/16 15:44

All Vietnamese people should see their responsibility for the nation and Fatherland and unite themselves in the organizations of the Vietnam Fatherland Front to strive for a civilized, modern and prosperous Vietnam and firmly defend the socialist Fatherland.

LawrenceSamuels 14/11/16 15:45

The Vietnam Fatherland Front is a grassroots organization of the Party so it serves as a bridge between the Party, State and people.

Jane smartnic 14/11/16 15:46

The Vietnamese people, should recall President Ho Chi Minh’s teaching “The Vietnam Fatherland Front’s policy is very important to the nation. Its mission is also very important to the whole revolution.”

yobro yobro 14/11/16 15:49

How proud your country is, Vietnam. I admire your solidarity!

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