Warnings: Abusing charity activities to protest against the government


Those days, everyone has been touched by scenes of catastrophes in the Vietnam’s central provinces. The Formosa’s environmental pollution has not stopped inflicting its’ damages yet, floods have come to push people’s lives there more miserable. Yes, we all have taken pity on and want to help and share the people’s losses in central provinces Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, Thua Thien Hue. All are for one and only purpose of supporting victims, but it’s not always simple like that. In charity works, many bad, extreme and reactionary elements have taken advantages to carry out their dark schemes of opposing the Party and State of Vietnam. Let see and recognize those individuals and their sophisticated actions against the country’s interests.
  First, it must be agreed that charity activities and humanitarian works are good and should be encouraged for all people to contribute. It’s proper and moral that we help disadvantaged people if we have conditions for that. The Party and State have many policies to encourage all individuals and organizations to carry out charity works wherever needs helps.
 However, any activities, especially fundraising must register with the authorities for security and safety. It’s easy to see with the development of social networks, charity activities have become a common trend as a mode, a cool way to show yourself and an occasion to travel and take stylist selfie photos. Humanitarian aids are whatever they have not what the people they help need. After giving, they don’t care their charitable goods are used or not.
 Even, some elements also abused charity fundraising to benefit themselves, they collected money but did not publicize how they had used that fortune, no one knows how many in that money would be used for charity. That’s why recently when MC Phan Anh, a famous person in entertainment activities, has called and gathered a large amount of money as billions of VND to help flood victims in the middle of Vietnam, many people have raised questions about the transparency of this fund. It’s reasonable because that’s a big fortune and only Phan Anh is in charge of managing and distributing the charities.
 Beside Phan Anh there are a lot of individuals who call for supports and fundraising on the Internet in the name of charity, and after fundraising they even hold the charity distributions themselves. No one thinks of informing the authorities and registering to local authorities for administrative managements. In all nations, governments are established to manage and supervise all activities that happen in their countries, including charity works, for national security and people’s all sakes. And no country would allow for spontaneous activities, especially when these activities threaten the country’s stability and interests.
 The Vietnamese government, of course, on the one hand creates favorable conditions for people to help and share difficulties with each others, on the other must monitor these activities to ensure they go the right ways.
 Review on those disasters in the middle of Vietnam, from Formosa to floods in the central provinces like Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, etc, beside many true charitable donors, there are many elements, at home and abroad, who aimed at abusing charity works to conduct their wicked plots. They also gatherd aids to distribute for some victims, but as giving aids they incited people’s sentiment against the State. They distorted the government’s policies and blamed the State for disaters, even they called out for rallies and protests which caused chaos and instabitity at many places. You can see those inside individuals like Nguyễn Tường Thụy, Nguyễn Lân Thắng, priests like Đặng Hữu Nam, Trần Đình Lai, Nguyễn Thái Hợp, etc. They are all for a purpose of opposing the government, their acts did not help victims there any good at all but also caused more economic loss and turbulence for the authorities.
More dangerous, some inside individuals are backed by foreign hostile forces and reactionaries such as terror group Viet Tan, to conduct movements in attempts of causing chaos and overthrowing the country’s regime. People should be warned about those elements and keep all activities in accordance with the laws, even it’s a good thing like charity./.
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yobro yobro 13/11/16 11:04

People should recognize their real purposes behind charity activities and keep away from them.

Gentle Moon 13/11/16 11:07

I agree that all activities, including charity, must be abide by the laws and put under the authorities' management.

Pack Cassiopian 13/11/16 11:12

Vietnamese people have a warm-hearted and always want to help others, and sometimes their kindness is exploited by bad elements, inside and outside the country.

alex amarxon 14/1/18 22:05

what can be done with it. What I am saying is that what is revealed about Wounded Warrior Project spending practices in their financial statements is much more complicated than they have thus far been willing to admit.charity helps raise money

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