Vietnam Buddhist Sangha has an important role in the country’s development

Vinh Nghiem pagoda in Ho Chi Minh city

Throughout the course of 2000 years, Buddhism has integrated into the life of most Vietnamese and become an indispensable spiritual need of the Vietnamese as well as an important component in Vietnam’s rich and unique culture.
In the proud history of building and defending the country, a lot of historic figures and national heroes, whose names and careers have associated with Buddhism and last forever.
Alongside with millions of Vietnamese people have been striking for the peace, life of their own and other people, for natural environment for all kinds. A lot of people has sacrificed their young time, even their blood and life for the independence, freedom and bright future of the nation.
Since the establishment, the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha (VBS) has developed actively, clearly in all aspects from pagodas, bible, research, training to the operational system,  the Buddhists forces; from humanitarian activities to the international cooperation activities.
After 35 years, the VBS has had it’s the Buddhist Executive Boards at all 63 provinces, cities; managing 49.493 monks and nuns, 17.376 pagodas and monasteries, tens of millions of Buddhist followers, 4 academies with 9.000 Buddhist learners. The VBS has been translating a lot of the Buddhist classic texts, researching the operational rules, architecture, language, cultural heritage of Vietnamese Buddhism.
Restoration work has been carrying out effectively, 257 monasteries has been recognized the national cultural historical sites.
Charity and social security has been one of the priority tasks of the VBS, which is running 50 facilities for orphans, lonely old people and the disabled. The Sangha also funds the operation of 150 schools and 656 clinics which treat tens of thousands of poor patients.
The VBS always provides timely help to people suffering from natural disasters and flooding and actively participates in poverty alleviation through giving gifts to the poor, building bridges and roads for remote areas, promoting blood donation and raising fund to support soldiers at outpost islands.
The monks, nuns and Buddhist followers always give hands to the victims of natural disaster, flood and drought, actively support the poverty reduction; take care of the vulnerable; participate humanitarian movements… It is estimated that the monks, nuns and Buddhist followers have spent 7.000 billions VND for charity and social work.
Promoting the spirit of  “Buddhism and patriotism”, all members of the VBS has actively joined in the movements that benefit for the country, people,  society, environment and built the cultural life in residential zones, joined in the national movement of all the people to defense the nation.
The VBS also enhance Vietnam’s position on the international stage via the successful organization of the United Nations Vesak and the ASEAN Buddhist Conference and other meaningful foreign affairs activities.
However the domestic and international context has posed many difficulties and challenges for the development of the country.
Specifically, wars, conflicts (including ethnic and religious conflicts), diseases, climate change and other potential threats… are creating big challenges, threatening the peace of the world and the future of the human kind and the earth.
While, inside the country, despite the fast and comprehensive development, which is accessed internationally as a bright point in implementing goals and commitments for sustainable development of the UN, Vietnam has still been a poor country and the growth gap between Vietnam and developed countries has still been wide and even getting wider.
The Sangha, with the spirit of compassion, intelligence and the motto: Buddhist principles – Nation – Socialism, will promote its important role and sacred mission to bring the teachings of the Budda to everyone and every where, so that all people will be united, join hand in doing good deeds, not to do and strike against the bad things, spreading love, building a happy and peaceful life in Vietnam.
This is the desire of all people, whether follow or not follow religion, all religions operating under the law of Vietnam and is one of the development objectives of Vietnam “reach people, strong nation, democracy, fairness, civilization” that has been chosen by our Party, State and people./.
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yobro yobro 19/11/16 22:03

Buddhism has a vital role in the cultural and spiritual lives of the nation.

Deck Hero14 19/11/16 22:06

I love Buddhism, its teaching have helped me overcome a lot of difficulties in my life

Only Solidar 19/11/16 22:08

the VBS has always been with the nation throughout the history

Love Peace 19/11/16 22:09

Buddhism has integrated into the life of most Vietnamese

MaskOf Zero 19/11/16 22:12

Vietnam has been ensuring perfectly the freedom of religion. Now we have a lot of religions and believes in Vietnam with millions of followers

Pack Cassiopian 19/11/16 22:14

My parent are Buddhist followers, they always teach me to live and contribute for the development of the society and the nation.

John Smith 19/11/16 22:16

Since the sangha’s inception, all Buddhist monks and followers have weathered a range of difficulties and challenges to contribute to the national construction and protection.

Jane smartnic 19/11/16 22:20

monks and followers both at home and abroad should do more to engage in developing the country, especially in caring for disadvantaged people and building new-style rural areas, thereby helping to solidify the great national unity bloc

LawrenceSamuels 19/11/16 22:24

In the summer, there are a lot of young Vietnamese people join in the classes held by the VBS to learn more about the Buddhism teachings

Trần Viết Nhật 19/11/16 22:37

The Buddhism is an important religion in Vietnamese life and it has contributed a lot for the development and protection of the country.

Gentle Moon 19/11/16 22:56

Budhhism is good for Vietnamese

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