Preventing the “self-evolution” and “self-transformation” inside the Party (Part 1)

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Self-evolution (SE) and Self-transformation “ST” are internal changes of each cadre and party member from perception to action making them totally a different person, or even transform them from a good person to a bad one. In the worst possibility, they may counter the Party, the State and the people. Nowadays, as a consequence of the severe sabotage of the hostile forces, SE and ST tend to become more complicated in the Party, the political system and in the society. A number of cadres and party members become disoriented and skeptical about the leadership of the Party, the goals, ideal and the path to socialism in Vietnam. In the field of ideology, recently, there have appeared the so called “open letter”, “petition” of some cadres and party members, including high-ranking ones, which express adverse opinions to the Party’s guidelines and policies and demand pluralism, civil society, depoliticalization of the armed forces, the abandonment of the Article 4 in the Constitution, etc. These petitions are extremely dangerous because when political ideology of a number of cadres and party members is degraded or disoriented, the political system may be weakened, separated or even collapsed. Lenin’s teaching that: “No one can destroy us but our own mistakes… If our mistakes separate us, collapse is inevitable,…” is still of value today. This is why over the past years, hostile forces have drastically taken  ideological sabotages against us. They try to deny and distort Marxism – Leninism, Ho Chi Minh Thought, and the Party viewpoints and guidelines; defame and talk badly of the Party and State leaders, senior cadres with the aim to make the whole Party, people and troop dispirited. Therefore, preventing SE and ST must be connected with the combat to defeat hostile force’s strategy of “peaceful evolution”. Ideological degradation may lead to degradation in ethic and lifestyle, corruption, wastefulness, group interest, preaches of discipline, etc. In its turn, the degradation in ethic and lifestyle can not be disregarded as it may be the origin of SE and ST in political ideology.
In economic aspect, some cadres and Party members hold that our Party is not capable of running the economy. They do not accept the socialist-oriented market economy and deny the leading role of the state-owned economy. They demand that the whole economy be privatized; the publicly owned mechanism of production materials be eradicated and replaced by a private one. In the realm of defence and security, some demand the “depoliticalization” of the armed forces and that the military be a neutral force standing outside politic and not being put under the leadership of the Party, etc.
As for the Military Party, though the vast majority of military cadres and party members are politically steadfast and absolutely loyal to the Party, the country and the people, there are still some who are degraded in ethic and lifestyle; violate the military discipline and the State’s law; disunite; overestimate the role of weaponry while disregard the role of political and spiritual factor, etc. This is vulnerable to the sabotage of hostile forces which has negative impact on the strength and combat capability of the military.

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John Smith 25/11/16 15:04

The issuance of this important resolution once again affirmed the political will of the entire Party to resolutely and tenaciously fight against ideological, ethical and lifestyle degradation in order to build a clean and strong Party, worthy of being the vanguard force that leads the State and society, as well as meeting the expectations of the people.

LawrenceSamuels 25/11/16 15:06

Determined that Party-building is a key task, the Party has been rectifying itself in order to improve its leadership and capacity for struggle to fulfil its great historic mission.

yobro yobro 25/11/16 15:07

The Party continued to acknowledge the importance of preventing and curbing ideological, ethical and lifestyle degradation, as well as the manifestation of “self-evolution” and “self-transformation” inside the Party.

MaskOf Zero 25/11/16 15:08

The Party has created important positive changes during its implementation of Resolution No. 4 of the eleventh Party Central Committee on urgent issues in Party-building.

Only Solidar 25/11/16 15:09

Corruption, wastefulness and negative phenomena are still taking place in a serious and developed manner, which diminish the people’s trust in the Party and the régime.

Deck Hero14 25/11/16 15:10

The trend of globalisation and international integration is more and more complicated, having a strong impact on cadres and Party members in many areas.

Pack Cassiopian 25/11/16 15:10

The negative effects of the market economy, the temptations of daily life, the ideological, ethical and lifestyle degradation, as well as the manifestation of “self-evolution” and “self-transformation,” are present every day and every hour.

Love Peace 25/11/16 15:11

Looking straight at the truth, speaking the truth and precisely assessing the truth, the resolution pointed out in a systematic manner several manifestations of ideological, ethical and lifestyle degradation that lead to “self-evolution” and “self-transformation,” which are directly threatening the survival of the Party and the régime.

Jane smartnic 25/11/16 15:12

It is necessary to get the whole political apparatus involved.

Gentle Moon 25/11/16 15:13

With a high sense of responsibility and sentiment for the Party and the people, the whole Party, each official and Party member should turn ideas into revolutionary will and action through specific and practical work.

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