Defaming beloved leader – hostile forces’ aim and their inevitable failure


Ho Chi Minh is called by generations of Vietnamese people with such a beloved title “Uncle Ho”! His life and revolutionary cause are the symbol of cultural values and development of our time, the idol of Vietnamese patriot. However, to the hostile forces, he becomes a focal point, a subject of their slam and distortion. Their scheme and action will  inevitably fail.
Bad will leading to bad  intention
Hostile forces resort to almost any quackeries and means to distort and defame our leaders of the proletarian revolution. Defaming Ho Chi Minh is one of those activities. It has been said that: “For those anti-communisms, Ho Chi Minh is the one to dump on”.
Those with bad will and hatred for Vietnamese revolution cause all want to defame Ho Chi Minh. Their aim is to remove his influence on Vietnamese revolution cause and eradicate the socialist regime, driving Vietnam toward capitalist development. They write articles, books distorting Ho Chi Minh’s private life and revolutionary cause, separating him from Vietnamese nation and saying that the Vietnamese adore Ho Chi Minh is because of their personal idolization.
Ho Chi Minh’s life, revolutionary cause and thought have become sustainable cultural values of the whole Vietnam. Thus, defaming him means causing losses to Vietnamese and revolutionary cause. cultural values and . For this reason, the hostile forces exploited  social media, to disperse a number of articles, books, films and photos distorting Ho Chi Minh. They bluntly declare: “resolutely damage Ho Chi Minh symbol and legend by all means”.
Among those, the most ridiculous ones are: “there is no Ho Chi Minh thought; that Ho Chi Minh thought is just something created by the Communist Party of Vietnam; Ho Chi Minh is a dictator, etc. he does not deserve an idol for Vietnamese people”. Of the means employed by hostile forces, the attack into the ideological ground, spiritual factor, cultural values and the leaders of Vietnamese revolution, etc is extremely wicked and scurrilous. They reject no tricks or quackeries, take advantage of all forums to smear and distort Ho Chi Minh’s life, revolutionary cause and thought. They distorted information, using tricks and unreal documents in sophisticated and sly manner either by speaking out or by beating around the bush just because they are dissident with Vietnam’s socialist regime and revolution. They justify for their own mistakes in the past and exaggerate shortcomings of the Communist Party of Vietnam. They write articles using distorted information with the most despicable words about Ho Chi Minh’s life including his private life. For this reason, protecting the Communist Party of Vietnam, president Ho Chi Minh, and Marxism – Leninism is an extremely arduous struggle in order to maintain the country’s development, or in other words the aim and the path of socialism that has been chosen by Ho Chi Minh and our people and decided by the Communist Party of Vietnam since the early days of its inception.
Inevitable failure
Historical facts of Vietnam has proved that not only Marxism – Leninism but also Ho Chi Minh thought have become the ideological ground, the guiding factor for the victory of Vietnamese revolution in general and the renovation cause in particular. In the early days of the renovation cause, the CPV was right to praise Ho Chi Minh thought and reaffirmed that “The Party sets Marxism – Leninism and Ho Chi Minh thought as ideological foundation and the guideline for all of  its activities”.  The Party also clarified that “Ho Chi Minh thought is the result of the creative application of Marxism – Leninism into our conditions and reality, it has become a treasure of the whole Party and nation”.  While praising Ho Chi Minh thought, the Party stated that “President Ho Chi Minh is a bright example of the combination between class and nation, between nation and the world, between national independence and socialism. For each Vietnamese, Ho Chi Minh thought is so familiar and associated with the endless love of them to him regarding his great contribution and bright moral example. For this reason, Ho Chi Minh thought is relevant with the reality of the country’s revolution and the desire of the whole Party and people. The Party confirms that: “The essential condition for our renovation cause to maintain the socialist orientation and gain success is that during the process, the Party must be steadfast with and creatively apply Marxism – Leninism and Ho Chi Minh thought, remains its leadership over the society.
No one can deny that Vietnam has been undergoing this reality. However, hostile forces and those with hatred for Vietnamese revolution do not accept that. Their thinking and action are in contrast to the enthusiasm and desire of Vietnamese people for their beloved Uncle Ho. In fact, after 30 years of renovation people now undoubtedly believe that plots and schemes of hostile forces with the aim to defaming Ho Chi Minh will definitely be a failure because of the following reasons:
First, Ho Chi Minh is an “outstanding figure” of the nation and the world that no one can deny. He devoted his whole life for the noble cause of liberating the nation, the society, the class and the people. He had an earnest desire and always sought ways to fight for peace and social progress. No one can deny his contribution to the development of Vietnam. The 20th century is called the decolonialization century, progressive people can’t help mentioning Ho Chi Minh who embodies for the thirst for peace, independence and freedom, for uncompromising and ceaseless struggle against old and new-style colonialism; for social progress and the prosperity and happiness of working people. This cause was extremely remarkable in the modern history of Vietnam since the invasion of the French colonialist in the latter half of the 19th century in which Ho Chi Minh was the most distinguished figure.  Speaking of Ho Chi Minh, foreigners often think of Vietnam and mentioning Vietnam, they think of Ho Chi Minh who embodies for the true – the good – and the beauty. Vietnam is one of the vanguard nations in fighting for the values of the humankind. The leading citizen of that vanguard nation is Ho Chi Minh. He deserves to be listed top among the greatest men of the world in the 20th century – the century of the struggle for peace, independence, prosperity and happiness.
Ho Chi Minh was always present in the important events of the world and of Vietnam, positively affected the global development for independence, freedom of his Fatherland and for peace and progress of the world. It is not surprising that almost all of Vietnamese people adore Ho Chi Minh, call him “Uncle Ho”. It is not by chance that in the 24th Plenum (from 20th, October to 20th, November 1987)  in Paris, the UNESCO approved the 24C/18.65 Resolution on the centenary of the birth of President Ho Chi Minh which stated that: “Noting that the year 1990 will mark the centenary of the birth of President Ho Chi Minh, Vietnamese hero of national liberation and great man of culture… President Ho Chi Minh, an outstanding symbol of national affirmation, devoted his whole life to the national liberation of the Vietnamese people, contributing to the common struggle of peoples for peace, national independence, democracy and social progress… The important and many-sided contribution of Chi Minh in the fields of culture, education and the art crystallizes the cultural tradition of the Vietnamese people which stretches back several thousand years, and that his ideals embody the aspirations of peoples in the affirmation of their cultural identity and the promotion of mutual understanding between nations”. This is the visualization of UNESCO proposal in the 18th Session (from 17 October to 23 November 1974) which was mentioned in its framework resolution on “celebrating the anniversary of outstanding figures and special events of member nations with the aim to remind people globally on the figures and evens that have deeply imprinted in the development of human being”.
Second, Ho Chi Minh’s personal life is so pure and magnificent. From his early days to the end of his life, he devoted his whole life to the revolutionary cause. He sacrificed his  life for the nation and working people, and was very exemplary in ethics. He represented full of outstanding characters, such as:
Infinite humanity and kindness. Ho Chi Minh always thought of his people and humankinds who were being oppressed and exploited, and engaged himself in the struggle for independence, freedom and the good things. In this struggle, he didn’t care for himself but the progress of humankind.
He devoted his whole life striving for new   moral standards of and for revolutionary moral of “loyal to the country, pious to the people”. His mind and actions were always for the people. The higher position he held, the more attention he paid to his Fatherland, and the people. He reminded himself that his presidency was elected by people. For this reason, he voluntarily served as a servant for his people. He shared the pains of his people. He confessed that each people and each family had their own sorrows. His is the sum of all of these.
Ho Chi Minh’s life is the brightest example of diligence, thrift, integrity, impartiality. These are the qualities of a righteous man which has reached the height of self-cultivation, pureness in personality and the beauty standards of a human in its nicest meaning. Ho Chi Minh represents the greatness of a great man: noble but simple; great but modest. He forgot himself to care for the people not only in his country but also in other countries globally. His enthusiasm and humanity are as immense as the ocean. His personality is of cultural values and the symbol of beauty.
In conclusion, though hostile forces wish to defame Ho Chi Minh, keep distorting information about him, they will definitely fail. Their efforts are meaningless and useless. Their depreciation and distortion about Ho Chi Minh, a great symbol of Vietnamese revolution, attract no attention of Vietnamese people. Therefore, by doing so they are degrading themselves.
Be kind and respect the truth and try to be  rich-souled, good-moraled and clear-minded people. This is the message of Vietnamese people to those who try to defame Ho Chi Minh.
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John Smith 1/10/15 14:35

Denying the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) is a spiteful trick of hostile forces in order to abolish the revolutionary achievements and the path to socialism in our country.

LawrenceSamuels 1/10/15 14:36

over the past 85 years, the reality in the country has shown that the Party’s leadership is undeniable.

yobro yobro 1/10/15 14:37

Reality over the past 85 years has proved that under the leadership of the CPV and President Ho Chi Minh, “Our country has become an independent, free country from a half-feudal colony and is undergoing its development towards socialism.

MaskOf Zero 1/10/15 14:37

ur people, once used to be slaves, have enjoyed their mastery over the country and society. The country is no longer a poor and under-developed one. Instead, it is boosting its industrialization and modernization process”.

Only Solidar 1/10/15 14:38

The fact that Vietnam has become a member of the WTO, a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council for the term 2008-2009, a member of the UNHRC at present; ASEAN Secretary General for the term 2013 – 2017 is a Vietnamese; along with a number of official visits of leaders of the Party and State to some countries in Western Europe, Japan, South Korea, India, Russia, Vatican,… under the invitation of leaders of those countries, has claimed the Vietnam’s increasingly high status in the international arena.

Deck Hero14 1/10/15 14:39

These achievements are associated with the CPV’s leadership and prove well the leading capability of the CPV both in the previous time and at present cause of national construction and defence in the integration era.

Gentle Moon 1/10/15 14:40

The plot has long been carried out and will be continued in the future with the hope that: “it has succeeded in the former USSR and socialist countries in Eastern Europe so it will surely do in Vietnam” (!) To that end, they have resorted to a number of black schemes.

Jane smartnic 1/10/15 14:41

They hold that if the CPV had not existed, Vietnam would have been a developed country and not endured the two bloody wars.

Love Peace 1/10/15 14:42

In recent years, they have exaggerated some shortcomings and inefficiencies in the Party’s leadership and the State’s management.

Pack Cassiopian 1/10/15 14:43

Nevertheless, those schemes were soon laid bare as most of our people know that the Party’s leadership is the decisive factor to all victories of Vietnamese revolution; the plots to abolish the CPV’s leadership are against the subjective demand of the cause of national development.

Williams Melanie 8/10/15 05:50

Right, some reactionaries wanted to smear the image of Ho Chi Minh to remove his thought which is CPV's ideological foundation

Anthony Jones 8/10/15 05:56

Ho Chi Minh is a outstanding symbol in the hearts of the Vietnamese people as well as the peace-loving people all over the world, so they cannot accomplish their plots

Thompson Catherine 8/10/15 06:01

He not only helped Vietnamese people to escape from misery, but also helped the other colonies stand up for their national liberation

Vô Va 23/10/15 23:22

Our beloved uncle Ho is always the subject of the hostile forces' distortion. They want to call on more people to join in their organizations with the aim of lessening Vietnamese people's belief in CPV and great leaders. Their effort will certainly come to nothing because of Vietnamese people's determination.

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