Vietnam listed among 20 best countries to visit

Vietnam has been listed 12th among the 20 best countries to visit in lifetime by Condé Nast Traveler’s readers.
The award is based on the ratings and feedback of more than 128,000 readers-the highest level of participation in the magazine's history.
According to the magazine, Wandering Chef Anthony Bourdain says going to Vietnam changed his life.
"It just seemed like another planet; a delicious one that sort of sucked me in and never let go," he told the magazine.

“We'd be happy just to sip Vietnamese coffee and eat pho all day, but the adventurous can descend into the world's largest cave - Son Doong, in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park,” he stressed.

This year, Condé Nast Traveler’s readers voted for Italy as the world's best country to travel for five straight years.
“Italy is all about leisure-sipping wine for hours in Venice's Piazza San Marco, make friends with a hammock on a villa in Tuscany, or sunbathing on the cliffs of Riomaggiore,” said the magazine.
Other rankings in the list include Italy, France, Spain, America, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Turkey, India, South Africa, Sri Lanka, the Netherlands, Mexico, Portugal, Ireland, Japan, Canada and Morocco./.
Chia sẻ bài viết ^^
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John Smith 29/10/15 15:25

The Visa exemption launched by the Government of Vietnam in June 2015 is a critical tool for promoting travel to Vietnam by permitting citizens from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and Belarus to visit Vietnam without obtaining a visitor visa.

LawrenceSamuels 29/10/15 15:29

In 2014, Europe generated nearly 1.2 million arrivals to Vietnam, in which visitors from the above five countries to Vietnam reached more than 635,000 visits.

yobro yobro 29/10/15 15:32

Over the past number of years Vietnam has emerged as a world class destination that delivers an unrivalled visitor experience, from natural wonders and cultural offerings to adventure tours and beautiful beaches with some of the leading resorts in the world.

MaskOf Zero 29/10/15 15:33

Vietnam and its people have much to offer to the European market from product diversity, authenticity, and originality mixed with different emotions.

Only Solidar 29/10/15 15:33

Vietnam continues to offer the visitor a tradition of service built on an outstanding cultural heritage coupled with an unmatched friendliness and sophistication.

Deck Hero14 29/10/15 15:34

The tourism sector was rewarded with several world class accolades over the recent time

Gentle Moon 29/10/15 15:35

The changes to visa policy also comes in an opportune time for visitors wishing to fly to Vietnam on a new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner and Airbus 380, with the new high-tech plane

Jane smartnic 29/10/15 15:36

he administration will continue to target prospective European visitors with distinctive value experiences, events, and special packages tailored to their interests and designed to encourage more potential holiday markers to travel now.

Love Peace 29/10/15 15:37

These online marketing campaigns will be conducted in partnership with the private industry and Is aimed at generating broader awareness about traveling to Vietnam and harnessing the growing power of social media to more effectively reach key target markets.

Pack Cassiopian 29/10/15 15:38

I love Vietnam

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