The issue of Party building in the Draft Political Report to the 12th National Congress

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The issue of party building is not only manifested in the content but also shown in the title of the draft political report. It reflects the importance of this matter of concern in the new situation. Accordingly, the Party must be strong and clear-minded politically, ideologically, organizationally and morally. The stress on moral issue manifests the new thinking of the Party on the ground of reviewing the 4th Central Resolution (XI tenure) of the Party and the current situation.
In the coming years, the world and region will experience rapid-changing, complicated and unpredictable evolutions. Domestically, though the socio-political situation remains stable, the economy is recovering from depression, there remain a number of challenges: the rich – poor gap is widening, and the society is being divided. The four threats pointed out by the Party still exist, even with increasing severity in some aspects. Especially, hostile forces are pushing up their sabotages against our country with their “Peaceful evolution” strategy and facilitating “self-evolution”, “self-transformation” aiming at  removing the Party’s leadership and socialism in Vietnam. Besides, there appear very complicated and unpredictable evolutions in the East Sea. The cause of national construction and the protection of national  independence, sovereignty, unification  and territorial integrity are getting harder with the mixture of opportunities favorability and challenges. For this reason, in the time to come, the task of Party building should be strengthened. Consensus opinion has been seen among the public on the matter of Party building written in the Draft Political Report to the 12th National Congress of the Party. Following are analyses on several basic issues.
Firstly, continuing to build the Party politically strong. This is the fundamental issue. Political spirit, capability, knowledge and combativeness of the Party and the vanguard, exemplary role of cadres and party members, especially in challenging situations and milestone of the revolution require good will, high determination and intense leadership. This is also the basis for building the Party strong and pure, enhancing leadership ability and combativeness to meet the requirements of revolutionary missions in the new situation. Beside issues on guidelines for the Party building mentioned in the Article XV, another content should be included in the matter of party building. It is that we must be steadfast, vigilant and wise in dealing with situations given the schemes of sabotage of hostile forces. At the same time, sound methods, reasonable arguments, solid and scientific practical and theoretical basis should be drawn out to effectively combat with and refute  false and hostile views distorting and denying scientific values of Marxism – Leninism and Ho Chi Minh thought – the ideological foundation of the Party; the leadership of the Party over the State, society and the road to socialism of our nation.
Secondly, continuing to implement the Central Resolution 4 and the Decree 03 of the Politburo with high political will, and non-stop, thorough direction; mobilizing the participation of the whole political system and strengthening the task of management, supervision and application of the Party disciplines. At the same time, it is necessary to have mechanism to clarify the responsibility, exemplary and vanguard role of the leaders; building mechanism and regulations for leading in critical fields and democracy exercising in Party meetings and activities. Training revolutionary moral, countering individualism, opportunism among cadres and party members, particularly leaders should be attached importance; building must be associated with countering; there should be no exemption in managing and disciplining cadres and party members.
Thirdly, attention should be paid to the renovation of personnel work in accordance with the Personnel Strategy in the industrialization and modernization period; institutionalizing and concretizing principles in personnel work to ensure unification and synchronization between stages and connectivity between levels.
Fourthly, paying attention to mass mobilization work, considering it a matter of paramount importance in party building. In the coming tenure, it is necessary to included in the guideline for mass mobilization work the content: “together with paying attention to meeting the desire and justifiable benefits of the people, it is necessary to promote their role in creating and planning guidelines, policies, involving them in party building and giving advice to cadres and party members”.
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John Smith 9/10/15 08:33

The committee, therefore, should pay special attention to major issues and important contents relating to guiding viewpoints as well as renewal policies and strategic, breakthrough measures

Gentle Moon 9/10/15 08:35

the political report was the most important document, so it required in-depth studies and discussions with a focus on specific proposals and suggestions.

LawrenceSamuels 9/10/15 08:36

the necessity of carefully assessing the implementation of Party policies to find out which ones needed to be continued to foster the faster and more sustainable development of the country.

Jane smartnic 9/10/15 08:37

The Party leaders need to focus on the basic areas and central tasks of the renewal process with proper and timely analyses and assessments on the implementation of socio-economic policies and solutions to rein in inflation, stabilise the macro-economy, ensure social welfare and secure an adequate growth rate.

yobro yobro 9/10/15 08:38

Based on evaluation of the country's current socio-economic situation, especially regarding newly emerging opportunities and anticipated challenges, the report should define socio-economic development orientations, objectives, tasks and solutions for the 2016-2020 period in line with the national, regional and international context.

Love Peace 9/10/15 08:39

They must be feasible and address emerging socio-economic issues, especially those directly affecting the country's rapid and sustainable development and the improvement of the people's material and spiritual lives.

MaskOf Zero 9/10/15 08:40

Regarding a report to review the implementation of the Party statutes, Trong suggested the CPVCC discuss the outcomes, difficulties in execution and amendments to the document proposed by Party committees at different levels as well as the Politburo's recommendations on revising the Party statutes.

Only Solidar 9/10/15 08:42

candidates will be introduced to the Party's strategic personnel plan, additional members for the Central Committee's Inspection Commission will be elected and complaints on violations of Party rules and other important issues will be handled.

Pack Cassiopian 9/10/15 08:44

continuing to build the Party politically strong. This is the fundamental issue.

Deck Hero14 9/10/15 08:45

in the time to come, the task of Party building should be strengthened.

Funny Day 10/10/15 17:11

That's right. the country will develope only when Party is strong

Williams Melanie 11/10/15 00:15

building the Party becoming clean and strong is one of the main contents of the draft documents to the 12th national congress

Davis Caroline 11/10/15 00:29

the draft of congress documents have been publicly declared to get people's opinions, which shows more democracy in Vietnam.

Anthony Jones 11/10/15 00:37

many enthusiastic comments on the draft which desire the Party should focus on defending of Fatherland issue in new situation have been recognized

Thompson Catherine 11/10/15 00:45

the Vietnamese people are expecting the successful 12th congress tenure to choose the persons with virtues and talents who will well lead the country.

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