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America, Japan and the 10 countries in the Pacific Ring including Vietnam have achieved consensus on the largest trade agreement within two decades.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership is expected to bring many benefits and advantages to the poor countries in this economic group with almost 40% of global GDP.
However, TPP with countries like Vietnam is not only full of roses. TPP and the implementation process will be able to appear many factors that change the rules.
The provision of labor will lead to significant changes in economic activities in Vietnam after joining TPP. Vietnam, the country with 186.2 billion GDP (as calculated by the World Bank in 2014) must prove compliance with the standards of the International Labour Organisation. According to an analysis in the Financial Times, countries like Vietnam will apply methods to punish immediately those apply recruitment fees may expose workers into debt. This certainly affects the labor export activities if pursuant ways of recruiting of companies in Vietnam today. According to Financial Times, the government of Vietnam will have to permit the establishment of independent trade unions to protect the rights of workers.
TPP allows wider opening for the key export items of Vietnam such as textiles and there will be more jobs. Besides, domestic enterprises must play by the rules in compliance with labor standards stricter, which some US senators including the MPs of the ruling Democrats in the US always consider a card to carry out bargain whenever campaigns related to Vietnam.
Vietnamese enterprises will have to get acquainted more with the lawsuits, the campaigns and calls for investigation to be launched from the professional associations and interest groups, including political interests seemingly unrelated hearing.
TPP can be considered as an open institution, not just limited within the 12 countries including Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the US and Vietnam. There are many other countries considering to join as South Korea, the Philippines, Colombia, Cambodia ... Even China, the second largest economy in the world, would be a member at any time, even if a lot of specialists have made comments that TPP is an approach of Obama administration to rotating shaft grip on Asia and China.

However, whoever under the rules of the world, they are ready with a variety of situations.
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