Vietnam actively contributes to ASCC development

                                                The 14 th meeting of the ASCC Council 
                        held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on October 7.(Source:

Vietnam will continue to carry out its obligations fully and responsibly to contribute to the development of the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC) in particular and the ASEAN Community in general.

The statement was made by Deputy Minister of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs Dao Hong Lan at the 14th meeting of the ASCC Council held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on October 7.

Along with joining in building the region’s orientation documents, Vietnam is actively implementing regional initiatives and the blueprint on the ASCC while integrating the region’s priorities and orientations in its national programmes and projects, Lan said.

The deputy minister reported that on September 21, the country launched the ASEAN-Vietnam portal, which is expected to serve as a bridge to bring ASEAN to Vietnam and vice versa, helping intensify post-2015 communications on the value and benefits of the ASEAN Community – including the ASCC – to the public.

At the meeting, participating ministers discussed and approved important priority documents of the ASCC regarding environmental protection, climate change and disaster response, social welfare, eliminating violence against women and children and food safety.

They also deliberated several other issues, such as clarifying the functions and tasks of the ASCC and the role of the ASCC Senior Officials Coordinating Conference Meeting (SOC-COM), welcoming an idea to send ASCC officials to the Committee of Permanent Representatives (CPR) to intensify the community’s operations.

Concluding the event, the delegates adopted the ASCC Master Plan 2025 with the commitment to raising the quality of life in the region through people-centred cooperation activities.
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LawrenceSamuels 8/10/15 22:38

The Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board has been instructed to include measures concerning the establishment of the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community.

Love Peace 8/10/15 22:39

ASEAN countries are working toward integration as a fully-fledged ASEAN Community by the year 2015.

yobro yobro 8/10/15 22:56

The three pillars of ASEAN Security Community are ASEAN Economic Community, and ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community.

John Smith 8/10/15 22:59

The Blueprint for the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community 2009-2015 sets the goal to contribute to realizing an ASEAN Community that is people-centered.

Only Solidar 8/10/15 23:00

socially responsible with a view to achieving enduring solidarity and unity among the nations and peoples of ASEAN.

Jane smartnic 8/10/15 23:01

Built ASCC by forging a common identity and building a caring and sharing society which is inclusive and harmonious where the well-being, livelihood, and welfare of the peoples are enhanced.

Deck Hero14 8/10/15 23:02

ASCC forms one of the three important pillars of the ASEAN Community, working toward furthering the quality of living conditions of the people in the region through cooperative activities engaging the people and creating a friendly environment.

Gentle Moon 8/10/15 23:04

Targeting an integrated, strong, self-reliance and self-strengthening ASEAN Community.

Pack Cassiopian 8/10/15 23:05

The development of ASCC has been considered and evaluated on the grounds of the implementation and deployment of the ASCC Master Plan.

MaskOf Zero 8/10/15 23:06

Regarding labour issues, Vietnam has made positive and effective contributions since it joined the field.

Elizabeth Green 9/10/15 06:01

Vietnam is one of the most active and responsible members of ASEAN, proposing many initiatives for building and developing the ASEAN community.

Jack Walker 9/10/15 06:06

Vietnam plays an important role in the ASEAN, so many countries want to increase the relationship with it

Dennis White 9/10/15 06:09

through Vietnam those countries have chance to expand their relationship with ASEAN

erica black 9/10/15 06:12

ASEAN commuity will offer many good conditions to all it's members.

Evans David 9/10/15 06:16

I think ASEAN wants to be strong when it should unite more in the East Sea

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