The press is expected to develop healthily


The scheme of development and management of Vietnamese journalism to 2025, which was issued by the Ministry of Information and Communication, had made me very glad. The content, program and institution of the scheme were built to make the press develop healthily.
In my opinion, the scheme has shown the principle of the Party’s absolute leadership to the press, the rightness in the press’s management and been suitable with the urgent demand of the time, as well upholding the traditional values of Vietnam’s revolutionary press and accessing the modern press’s values. This is necessary exchange to develop the press on a solid cultural foundation with the unique and universal nature of a modern nation.
In the internationalization process, the press is developing almost spontaneous, unhealthily. Therefore it’s very necessary and crucial to put the press’s development under control, unity and healthiness, avoiding bad effects to the public community. Besides, the implementation of the press’s management will give the basic principles of the revolutionary press that is suitable with the movement of the international press.
In fact, in the recent process, the development of Vietnamese press has been focusing on the quantity not the quality. Presses are everywhere from associations to companies... Many reasons for “the representing voice” of offices were given to establish newspapers. Universities, colleagues are even competing to establish the journalism – communication faculty, training and quickly certifying dozens of future reporters. And then thousands of students are in favor of journalism as an elite job. But unfortunately a lot of them were made redundant afterward. This leads to ugly competition and inadequate products of the press.
Therefore, in recent time, Vietnamese press has not only the achievements but also problems. A lot of journalists are underestimating the leading role of the press to the public opinions and thoughts. They are just focusing on the negative sides of the society, issuing ranges of articles about robbery, killing and raping. These journalists haven’t longer been the spiritual instructors and even become the dark points in the press forums in some cases.
Facing the problem, the Party and State have to strengthen the management of the press, restructuring and pointing out clearly the principles in the press’s activities, especially with the breakthrough in science and technology, Vietnamese press has transformed strongly. The press is not only the soldier on the spiritual and cultural front of the Party, a mean of edification to meet diverse cultural needs of the public, a propagandizing tool, but also the forum of the people, the place of exchange, showing the will and desire of the people and the multicast informative place of the society.
Although there are still controversial debates… the scheme of managing is the new structure, adjusting the press agencies, creating a healthy order of the press.
I believe that the scheme will help the press to improve itself and raise its efficiency; putting the press’s agencies back on the right track as a informative mean, a propagandizing tool, the important spiritual weapon of the Party and State, and the forum of the people./.

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