US religious freedom report inadequately depicts Vietnam

Although the US Department of State’s 2014 International Religious Freedom Report acknowledges Vietnam’s achievements in the field, it regrettably continues to highlight inadequacies and cites erroneous information about Vietnam, stated Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson Le Hai Binh.

Binh made the statement during a regular press conference of the ministry in Hanoi on October 15.

“Vietnam’s constant policy is respecting and observing citizens’ rights to belief and religious as well as non-belief and non-religious freedom. This has been clarified in our Constitution and legal system and we consistently strive to make sure it is respected in reality,” he declared.

Vietnam’s law clearly prohibits discrimination against any citizen because of his or her belief and religion, he said, adding that the Vietnamese State has carried out numerous policies and specific measures towards ensuring people’s full rights to belief and religious freedom.

These efforts are contributing to the formation of a diverse religious life in Vietnam, he concluded./.
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LawrenceSamuels 15/10/15 22:30

The report is not objective and containing errors and we must insist that Vietnamese people's religious rights were ensured.

Love Peace 15/10/15 22:32

Vietnamese citizens' rights to freedom of religions and belief and their rights not to have religions and belief were enshrined in the Constitution and ensured in practice.

yobro yobro 15/10/15 22:33

Individual rights must be put in the context of the wider community and that only people who break the law have faced detainment.

Deck Hero14 15/10/15 22:35

Yeah, no one could stand beyond laws.

John Smith 15/10/15 22:39

The Vietnamese government has implemented a range of policies and measures to ensure people’s full enjoyment of their rights to religions and belief.

Only Solidar 15/10/15 22:44

More religious groups have had their registration applications approved. For instance, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was approved in 2014.

Jane smartnic 15/10/15 22:46

The Vietnamese State always creates favourable conditions for Vietnamese people to practice religious activities in accordance with law and encourages them to contribute to national development.

MaskOf Zero 15/10/15 22:50

We need people like US Ambassador Ted Osius to help them better understand Vietnam, especially its freedom of religion and contribute to boosting bilateral ties between Vietnam and US.

Gentle Moon 15/10/15 22:53

Vietnam now have many religions practicing freely without any repression.

Pack Cassiopian 15/10/15 22:57

Those who wrote this report should be invited to Vietnam to understand more about us, and know for sure that there's no religious crackdown here.

Dennis White 15/10/15 23:41

Mr. Juan Zaratiegui, Political Advisor of the European Union Delegation in Vietnam appreciated that in the framework of the 2013 Constitution, freedom of belief and religion in Vietnam has much improved.

Funny Day 15/10/15 23:43

and he expressed confidence about draft law of belief and religion with the institutionalization of the views of the 2013 Constitution under the Government Committee for Religion extensive consultation will open up new opportunities as well as the facilitate the freedom of religion and belief in Vietnam.

erica black 15/10/15 23:48

The US often distort the religious freedom situation in some countries, including in Vietnam. nothing is strange.

Williams Melanie 15/10/15 23:55

US officals met those who take advange of the religious freedom against the State and Party of Vietnam to gather information related to the religion for building that report. So the report is never exact.

Jack Walker 15/10/15 23:58

in the US as well as in many other countries all over the world, those who are out of law must be dealt.

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