The Europe migration crisis gets worse

                                         Two Syrian migrants walking in the rain in the Europe

A big migration in history after World War II is making Europe worse and worse.
The death of the boy whose name was Aylan Kurdi on the beach of Turkey on September 2nd has made millions of hearts around the world broken. Recently, Italy’s navy has announced at least 20 people were dead on the Mediterranean Sea when their rubber boat, which was filled up with migrants, was sunk 45 km off the coast of Libya. Most of the victims came from Nigeria, Gambia and Eritrea. Since the beginning of this year, there have been 3000 migrants who died on the Mediterranean Sea.
We have ever seen the migrations which were due to wars or political purposes such as the migration from the North to the South of Vietnam in 1973, the migration in Iraq, in Afghanistan... At the moment, the Ukraine conflict is creating a migration to the East of Russia...
The wars, chaos and poverty in the Africa and the Middle East are the main reason creating this migration to Europe. It is called “the war migration” or “the economic migration”. And the European countries see it the illegal migration.
The human traffickers are also the factor that should be blamed and punished. According to the Cyprus press, each of migrants had to pay $ 4000 for the trip to the Europe. The militants of the Islamic State (IS) were also among the sinners.
What about the clergy? Do they want the “Islamization” of the Europe, which had occurred under the form of “Crusade” in the history? And which political or religious powers are trying to export the chaos to the Europe?
The European countries are reacting passively. The gateway countries of Europe as Italy, Greece and Hungary have to curb with streams of illegal migrants since the early of this year. On the other side of the Mediterranean Sea, Turkey has complained about the difficulties when curbing with 1.5 million of migrants without any help from the Europe.
At this time, the waves of migrants have come to the centre of the Europe, 28 member states of the EU cannot reach a common solution. Germany and France are in favor of sharing quote for all member states, while Poland, Hungary and other states in the East of the Europe denied the suggestion.
… solutions
The EU member states are very different from finding a common solution for the crisis. The migrants are heading to Germany that has recently announced to open more in granting asylum. Thousands of people whose minds were exhausted had been greeted in Germany. Many local residents gathered in stations in big cities of Munich, Frankfurt… to welcome the unlucky fellows. On September 5th there were 8000 migrants who emigrated from Hungary to Germany. On September 6th there were another 6000 migrants. On September 7th, German Government decided to provide £ 3 billions in addition to curb with the streams of migrants and asylum seekers pouring to this country.
Germany is the most powerful economy in the Europe that has very good social welfare, discipline and order. Therefore it seems to be “the promised land” for any migrant. German Chancellor, Mrs. Merkel had acted decisively to adopt 80.000 migrants. The German economy is in need of a big labor force in low level to promote services, production and labor efficiency, to raise competitiveness in the content that the global economy is facing the third wave of economic reduction in less than a decade.
Long-lasting consequences…
Europe is conducting austerity measures to curb with the economic stagnation and debt crisis. The European citizens are also unemployed. In some countries, the local residents are hatred the Muslim migrants due to sharing social welfare; the terrorist attacks in France are deepening the racial contradictions between communities…
The migration crisis needs comprehensive measures for both short term and long term. However the crisis could also make the EU weaken and put doubts about the community’s ability to handle a crisis of the EU./.

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Pack Cassiopian 11/10/15 21:25

More than 500,000 migrants are estimated to have arrived by sea so far this year

Love Peace 11/10/15 21:27

In my opinion, the exact number is even more than 500.000 and it gets bigger each day

MaskOf Zero 11/10/15 21:28

Europe is experiencing one of the most significant influxes of migrants and refugees in its history.

Deck Hero14 11/10/15 21:38

Countries' migrants are in war and conflict, their lives are in danger, so they have to leave their own countries to the Europe.

Only Solidar 11/10/15 21:39

Pushed by civil war and terror and pulled by the promise of a better life, hundreds of thousands of people have fled the Middle East and Africa, risking their lives along the way.

Jane smartnic 11/10/15 21:40

One way to measure where migrants have ended up is through asylum applications

yobro yobro 11/10/15 21:43

some EU countries, such as Greece, Italy, and Croatia, have been allowing migrants and refugees to pass through to countries where they have families and better prospects.

John Smith 11/10/15 21:44

Hundreds of thousands of people are somewhere along the route to Germany, in Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Serbia, and elsewhere.

LawrenceSamuels 11/10/15 21:45

Help them, Europe! You have enough conditions to create a better life for these poor migrants

Gentle Moon 11/10/15 21:49

despite the escalating human toll, the European Union's collective response to its current migrant influx has been ad hoc and, critics charge, more focused on securing the bloc's borders than on protecting the rights of migrants and refugees.

Elizabeth Green 12/10/15 05:46

it's very sad when witnessing that situation. I wish a better world in which all people peacefully and happily live

Jack Walker 12/10/15 05:51

political stability is the most important factor which every one over the world wish.

erica black 12/10/15 05:59

Almost migrants mainly come from countries where wars, conflicts continueously occur, they want a safer and more stable living

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