Absurd human rights awards for criminals


Last month, there were some so-called Vietnamese activists have been named to awards from foreign organizations which sparked disputes whether these individuals were deserved or not while many of them are convicted and being in prison for violating the Vietnamese law. It’s so inappropriate and illegitimate to award criminals of other countries.
First, in March the U.S. State Department presented the International Women of Courage Award for Nguyễn Ngọc Như Quỳnh, a Vietnamese blogger known as Mẹ Nam, or Mother Mushroom, who was charged under the Article 88 of the 1999 penal code for spreading propaganda against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. But the United States Department of State said it recognized Mother Mushroom for “her bravery for raising civil society issues, inspiring peaceful change, calling for greater government transparency and access to fundamental human rights, and for being voice of freedom of expression” which is so ridiculous and unreasonable.
Foreign Ministry Spokesman Le Hai Binh said bestowing an award on someone being investigated for breaking Vietnam’s law was “not suitable and beneficial to the development of the two countries’ relationship.”
Second, The Dublin-based organization Front Line Defenders has selected Vietnamese blogger Phạm Thanh Nghiên as one of its five final contenders for its Award for Human Rights Defenders at Risk this year, the human rights advocacy group announced on its website. In 2008, blogger Pham Thanh Nghien was arrested and later sentenced to four years in prison on charges of “anti-state propaganda” under Article 88 of Vietnam’s Penal Code. She was judged for her postings fake information and distorting the Vietnamese State’s policy on the South China Sea dispute to incite people protesting and causing disorder to the society. Following her release, she must be kept under house arrest, but during which time she still carried out anti-government campaigns, especially she co-founded the reactionary Vietnamese Bloggers’ Network along with jailed blogger Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh above.
Last but not least, the German Association of Judges, a group known in German as Deutscher Richterbund (DRB), has named the detained Vietnamese lawyer, Nguyễn Văn Đài, as recipient of its human rights prize for 2017. Who is Dai? He is also a criminal, who is still in prison for his crimes. A decade ago, Dai and Lê Thị Công Nhân were both convicted for misinterpreting government policy on trade unions and laborers in Vietnam, illegally participating in the democracy movement and the progressive party, teaching so-called courses on human rights, and possessing and disseminating documents propagating democracy and human rights. Dai received a four-year prison sentence and four years of house arrest, while Nhan received a three-year prison sentence and three years of house arrest.
In 2015, Dai was arrested for being accused of conducting propaganda against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The authority confiscated three computers and USB sticks and later charged Dai with under Article 88 of Vietnam’s penal code. How can a criminal like that was nominated for a prize of a legal group like DRB? Don’t they understand laws, international and Vietnamese laws? They should know what they have done do not make any positive progress for Vietnam but undermine the relations between Vietnam and those host countries. Let hope that there will be no crap awards like these and human rights prizes should be thoroughly assessed and given to deserved individuals, not criminals./.
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Deck Hero14 2/5/17 03:00

They are not human rights activists, they are criminals for conducting propaganda against the state” under Article 88 of Vietnam’s penal code.

Pack Cassiopian 2/5/17 03:03

These trivial prizes should have a good management to choose for deserved ones, otherwise they would lose their credit.

Love Peace 2/5/17 03:12

Dai is a lawyer but violated the laws, so he does not deserved for the prize. Let see who received the prize for him. Vu Quoc Dung, the chairman of a reactionary organization under the name of human rights "Veto! Human Rights Defenders' Network" based in German.

Jane smartnic 2/5/17 18:22

Bullshit prizes!

Gentle Moon 2/5/17 18:42

These prizes do not say anything to human rights movement, they are just titles or medals that hostile forces give to their "human rights soldiers".

John Smith 2/5/17 18:46

The international community is getting bored to these awards. Let focus on famous awards for helpful people like Noble, Fields, Oscars, etc.

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