What kind of priest are Đặng Hữu Nam and Nguyễn Đình Thục ?


Now there are more and more people in Nghe An and Ha Tinh province have realized the true essence of anti-government purposes in activities of priests Đặng Hữu Nam and Nguyễn Đình Thục. In a meeting of thousands of people in Phú Yên parish, including the youth, women, children and veterans who had been deceived by priest Dang Huu Nam, many people criticized his laws-violated acts in the past few months. Dang Huu Nam and Nguyen Dinh Thuc have abused their positions to incite people to protest against Formosa with slogan as « Formosa get out », « No Formosa », etc. While the government’s agencies have worked to ease the Formosa disaster and helped fishermen to overcome this hard time, these priests have done nothing good but obstacles.
First, they are priests whose job is to teach and lead people to good things of the Christianity, not to intervene in politics, especially in opposing a government. Their guideline as they always preach is « to live a good life and to be a good religion ». They are operating in Vietnam, they must abide by the Vietnamese laws.
It must be sure that there is no gods or either the holy Vatican tell them to do these hatred activities. They claimed that they just acted for the people’s interests and the country’s environment, but they did not care of the Party and State’s policies which are seeking to help the people more efficiently. Their deeds have just made things complicated and caused more chaos and troubles to the government. Yes, Formosa had caused the disaster, but we can not just expel them due to the economic cooperation and relations between Vietnam and Taiwan. There are many sensitive issues that the government has to take care of, but the government also showed its determination in dealing with Formosa’s violations. The competent agencies have strictly supervised Formosa’s projects and operations. And the authorities have inplemented the compensation for fishermen and related victims. All people understand and believe in the government’s handling. Unfortunately, these priests with their own purposes have gone opposite the country’s efforts.
 It might be reasonable a bit if they just called for protests and rallies in opposing Formosa, but it’s not the case. In a preaching session before the anniversary of 30th April, priest Dang Huu Nam distorted the Victory Day, calling it an unhappy day of the country, the day marked the rulling of the communists in Vietnam. Nam also told followers to make banners and slogans with content of slandering the Day. Appreantly, this is an inappropriate allegation, especially from a priest.

When talking about 30th April, Vietnamese people will remind of the most happiest day in the country’s history - The Reunification Day (or Victory Day or Liberation Day). It’s an unforgettable day in every Vietnamese people and soldiers who have experienced those important times. But deny all these, Dang Huu Nam rejected all sacrifices of millions of soldiers, mothers, men and women who devoted their lives, their youth to the great struggle of protecting the Vietnam Fatherland. He also denied the leading role of Uncel Ho in the fights.
For all that, Dang Huu Nam and Nguyen Dinh Thuc violated the Penal Law, not just of “abusing rights to democracy and freedom to infringe upon the interests of the State and the legitimate rights and interests of organizations and citizens” (Article 258), “causing public disorder” (Article 245), but also of « conducting propaganda against the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam” (Article 88).
With these unethical statements, Dang Huu Nam was not just condemned by the people, but must be handled by the laws. The Party and State of Vietnam are tolerant and always create favourable conditions for religions, especially the Christianity, but these activities are not acceptable. These priests have gone too far from their positions. They should be aware that nothing stands above the law, even religions. And people, especially Christian followers, should realize the true face of these extremist and hostile fathers. No matter what stands behind these priests’ activities, Nam and Thuc will be handled by the Vietnamese laws for what they have done, properly and strictly./.
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LawrenceSamuels 13/5/17 13:11

These priests must be judegd for what they have done to make example for those take advantage of religions to carry out their bad plots.

Gentle Moon 14/5/17 16:27

They are not even patriotic Vietnamese but degenerate priests. Dang Huu Nam has to be judged for distorting the country's history.

John Smith 14/5/17 16:29

Do not take advantage of Formosa disaster to deceive people to protest against the State. That's no what good priests do.

Pack Cassiopian 18/5/17 21:20

They are deserved to be removed from the church and must be sentenced for bad things they have done.

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