Reactionary portraits : The Provisional National Government of Vietnam - A U.S.-based political organization nourishing terrorist plots against Vietnam


In the last anniversary of 30th April 2017, there raised some individuals at home and abroad that had plotted and attempted to launch anti-Vietnam activities inside the country. They self-proclaimed as members of the Provisional National Government of Vietnam. What is this group? Who stand behind them? Let find out about this reactionary organization.
First, do not make mistake that this is the Provisional Government of Free Vietnam which was an unrecognized government in exile led by Nguyễn Hữu Chánh and was dissolved in 2007 by order of the U.S. government. The Provisional National Government of Vietnam has no relation with the Government of Free Vietnam. Even Mr. Nguyen Huu Chanh is a member of the New Vietnamese Democracy of Vietnam Movement,one of the important groups to form the Provisional National Government of Vietnam.
The Provisional National Government of Vietnam was formed by a group of former soldiers and refugees from the former South Vietnamese regime (or the Republic of Vietnam) on 21 October 1990 in Garden Grove, California. They have appointed Đào Minh Quân, a former soldier of the former regime in Saigon, as Prime Minister, and they have established an office located at 10800 Sierra Road, Adelanto, CA. 92301, Mailing address P.O.Box 2807, Anaheim, CA. 92814. It’s anxious that some U.S. officials and congressmen have supported this organization and Dao Minh Quan in an attempt to gain their support in elections. Such as, in 2016  California state and city of Los Angeles adopted a resolution to honor and recognize Dao Minh Quan for “his service and his persistent fighting for over 30 years to bring freedom to Vietnam and to its People”, and they even invited him and his self-appointed cabinet’s members to some events as a head of state, an imaginary government.
Yes, it is, of course, an anti-communist political organization, or exactly anti-Vietnamese current government. The Provisional National Government of Vietnam stated that the political goals of its organization were to:
- Achieving so-called free and democratic elections in Vietnam. The group seeks to create an atmosphere of non-violent pressure on the Communist’s regime to allow for an election process whereby the people can choose whether or not to retain communism as the preferred system of governance.
- Achieving a fair and evenhanded oil policy for the benefit of the citizens of Vietnam and other businesses of the world.
- Free market ideas to incorporate into the culture of Vietnam.
- A fair opportunity to use Vietnam’s National Maritime Oil Resource and Free Waterways.
- A prevention of possible clashes of Viet Nam’s neighboring countries due to illegal controls and restrictions.
- The aggravated communist criminals must be brought to justice and that they must be ordered to pay for the consequences of their crimes, for the world to know and set examples for those tyrannical regimes against humanity.
- Prohibit all forms of provocation and establish the Federal Republic of Vietnam.
These goals seem very notable but so arrogant and paranoid. First, Vietnam now has have a free and democratic electoral system which respects all the citizen’s rights to choose their representatives and leaders. And we also has good relations with all countries and a fair oriented-market economy. And, apparently there’s no communist criminals in the countries because the communist revolution is a chosen path of the people and it has brought many victories in wars and achievements from the Doi Moi process. Vietnamese people’s lives have been increased and the country’s prestige has been upgraded in the international arena. There’s no need for a so-called Federal Republic of Vietnam.
But despite all that, they have carried out many filthy activities like a coward campaign named “The foot smashing of Ho Chi Minh’s face” as a strategy to recruit their selective members which was immoral and illiterate while offending President Ho Chi Minh image, who is respected in the world, even enemies like the U.S. and France.
Although, the Provisional National Government of Vietnam always claims that they seek to achieve their goals of freedom and new democracy by peaceful measures, their recent activities prove the opposite. Backed by foreign hostile forces, this reactionary organization has conducted acts that aim to undermine and overthrow the Vietnamese current State. In the anniversary of the Victory day 30th April 2017, they sent some members and money into the country to incite and support for damaging and causing chaos in Vietnam. On April 22th, through a facebook account Lisa Pham, the group hired a young guy Đặng Hoàng Thiện and two others to set self-made gas bomb in Tan Son Nhat international airport. Fortunately, this attack was failed and those objects were caught. Before, there was a facebook account Su Tran which spred appeal of inciting protest in taking advantage of the Formosa incident. It’s apparent that this organization have unmasked their true terrorist face and must be settled to protect the national security.
For that, before the anniversary the security agencies lauched investigation and exposed members of the Provisional National Government of Vietnam who imported to Vietnam to launch terrorist assaults. Many its members were caught and interrogated about their wicked plots of carrying anti-governmnet activities. Vương Văn Thả, a extreme Hoa Hao Buddist element in An Giang province, who is a member of the Provisional National Government of Vietnam was caught and judged for restoring and spreading the yellow flag of the former South Vietnamese regime and calling for releasing balloons painted with the image of flag. Along with those detainees are two American Vietnamese Angel Phan (named Phan Thị Đào) and Nguyen James Han.
To the people, we should recognize the terrorist essence of this organization and keep away from their activities and inform the authority if realize any suspicious sign of their members inside the country. To those individuals who got lost and followed the organization’s plots should wake up early before too late. Let take those detainees above as examples for opposing the Party and State of Vietnam. And to America, they should know the crossing line of their so-called democratic hypocrisy. They appeal to fight terrorism but still keep supporting those terrorist groups like Viet Tan and this Provisional National Government of Vietnam would hurt the relationship between the two countries. These aggressive organizations must be detered and dissolved for mutual interests./.
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Jane smartnic 13/5/17 09:44

People should realize that this organization is just a terrorist group, they wanted to launch attacks to innocent people for their hostile plots.

Deck Hero14 13/5/17 09:47

What forces stand behind them? I can not believe that the U.S. has recognized this "Chính phủ Quốc gia Việt Nam lâm thời" as a representative of a country, they are just a terrorist group, no more!

yobro yobro 13/5/17 09:49

The U.S. has called for anti-terrorism but they still nourish this terrorist-style organization. America should cooperate with Vietnam to dismiss this group.

Love Peace 13/5/17 09:51

With their aggressive acts like that, they are not a political organization at all.

LawrenceSamuels 14/5/17 16:31

They have exposed their true face of terrorism and must be stopped before causing damages to the people and the country.

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