Warnings: Illegal activities of Duong Van Minh faith’s organization(Part II and End)

                   Image of removing illegally-built sheds for storing funeral objects (SSFO)
Harmful activities
 Having the same manifestations, Duong Van Minh was quoted saying in the year 2000 the earth will explode, people will die, Duong Van Minh followers will be saved by Jesus; they will live happily in the heaven, they do not have to work for food, will become literate without learning, the dead will be resurrected, they will be young forever, ailments will be cured, Hmongs will have their own country. Who wants to ask Duong Van Minh to offer prayers for the sick will have to bring him cash, candies, cigarettes and other things of value for the prayer service.
Following his teachings, about 100 Hmong from Cao Bang, Bac Kan, Tuyen Quang and Thai Nguyen went to Hanoi to demand the freedom to practice their Duong Van Minh religion, causing chaos and instability along the society. Believers have brought him money and gifts, hoping that he would call on spirits to cure illness, and many adherent families stopped sending their children to school. Duong Van Minh and his believers have also illegally erected many sheds for storing funeral objects (SSFO) concurrently in four Provinces Cao Bang, Bac Kan, Tuyen Quang and Thai Nguyen which is illegal and wasteful.
Through his activities, Duong Van Minh has always proclaimed as King and welcoming God. Those are activities propagating superstition, forming ideology of separatism, autonomy, interwoven with activities involved in belief and religion, to dupe people to make illicit profits benefiting the leaders of the organization. These activities caused disturbance regarding beliefs of the Hmong in particular, and thought, economic, cultural and social life of the peoples living in the region in general; they affected the trust of a part in the population in the Party and State and the healthy religious activities, and caused division amongst ethnics.
For that, the authorities have conducted many measures to restrain and stop Duong Van Minh and his followers. Twice in 1990 and 2013, Ha Tuyen security authorities arrested Duong Van Minh and several followers, some even were chiefs of hamlets, like Đào Dình Hoãng, Dương Văn Tu, Lý Văn Dinh, Thào Quán Mua, Thào A Cháng, Hoàng Văn Sang, Hoàng Văn Phùng, Hoàng Văn Sinh, Hoàng Văn Giang, Sùng Văn Tu, Đào Văn Nỏ, Lý Văn Dũng, Lý Văn Anh, etc., and sentenced them to years in prison for charges of abusing democratic freedoms to infringe upon the interests of the State, the public order, the administrative work of state agencies; undermining the trust of part of Hmong ethnics in the implementation of Party’s guidelines, State’s policies and laws; damaging the prestige, the effective management and administration of government, agencies, committees, branches, society organizations, the fine customs and traditions of the ethnics; causing disorder in the local area, bad rumors in the society, internal disunity of the Hmong fellows; spreading superstition with serious consequence and defrauding others under Articles 157, 199, 141 of the criminal code.
The Duong Van Minh organization has taken advantage of the trust of Hmong people to mobilize, entice and cheat them, appropriating their money, time and labor causing unsafe political, social order and safety in the local area. Duong Van Minh organizations continued illegal campaigning, urging Hmongs to build funeral homes in the name of having a place for storing funeral objects. This is an action against the customs and traditions, disturbing the daily life of Hmong people in the villages and in violation of State regulations. The Duong Van Minh believers had also obstructed the dismantlement, and had photographed and filmed the dismantlement to serve the plot against the government. Going in crowd for complaining to the People’s Committee of the village, district and province had badly affected the political security and public order.
The activities of illegal Duong Van Minh organization have violated the law of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The illegal construction of the SSFO must be dismantled; who incites people to build the sheds or obstructs the dismantling of the sheds should be dealt with according to law.
To fight with this illegal faith’s organization, the government and local authorities must carry out the following measures: - Best informing about the areas and people participating in the illegal Duong Van Minh organization; - Issuing plan for intimidating, summoning and fighting those who support Duong Van Minh organization; - Preventing hotspots with complex problems of security and public order in the province territory; - Preventing hostile forces misusing this organization to serve their plots; - Instructing a properly implementation of regulation on temporary sheltering and absence, expelling from the province those, who are not local residents or people coming for temporary sheltering without legitimate reason; - Close coordination provinces’ authorities where the illegal Duong Van Minh organization operates to prevent and eradicate this organization.
In conclusion, the Duong Van Minh faith is absolutely not a religion, it is just an illegal group operating under the name of religious organization. Those who have activities which are abusing the right to freedom of religion and belief, who have propagated slanders against the objectives and guidelines of the Party, and against the policies and laws of the State, which will affect social order, cultural traditions of the localities, should be sanctioned according to the laws and regulations./.
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Love Peace 14/5/17 09:19

Therefore, we have to resolutely fight against and eradicate this illegal organization.

MaskOf Zero 14/5/17 09:22

The government arrested at least 10 Duong Van Minh believers and charged most of them with "abusing the religious freedom right" under Article 258 of Vietnam's Criminal Code.

Only Solidar 14/5/17 11:41

A number of individuals have been using their authority, religious doctrine, and superstition, to coerce and mislead people, causing serious consequences in a number of locations.

Pack Cassiopian 14/5/17 11:43

The authorities need to promote activities to fight against the illegal Duong Van Minh organization and actively combating and resolving those in violation of the law.

Deck Hero14 14/5/17 11:46

According to the article 258 of the Vietnam’s Criminal Code, Mình and hí followers have abused democratic freedoms to infringe upon the interests of the State.

yobro yobro 14/5/17 13:41

It's dangerous that some believers of the illegal Duong Van Minh organization have followed him and didn’t allow their children to go to school or to receive state’s assistance.

Jane smartnic 14/5/17 13:42

They need to be strictly punished!

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