Overcoming limitations to actively respond to natural disaster

In 2016, floods, windstorms, and tornadoes caused severe damage to people and property in many localities. The impact of climate change is taking a toll on Vietnam.Over the past year, there have been 2,694 incidents, natural disasters (excluding traffic accidents), an increase of 183 cases (6.8%), leaving 264 dead and missing; 5,431 houses collapsed; 3,65,000 houses were flooded. A total economic loss was estimated at about VND39.7 trillion (nearly US$1.76 billion).
The above-mentioned damage was not only due to objective reasons, but also the result of low awareness and lack of skills in responding to incidents and natural calamities as well as shortcomings in direction, inspection and supervision of functional agencies, authorities in some localities.
In addition, the number of weather observation stations is small and not yet meeting the forecast requirements while the forecasting and warning work is still limited. The development of disaster preparedness plans in some localities, ministries and sectors is not appropriate. There is still a lack of monitoring and supervision in some irrigation and hydropower projects. Many legal documents, mechanisms and policies are still inadequate while the awareness of law enforcement related to natural disaster prevention in some agencies, organisation and individuals is still low.
According to forecasts, the weather situation from now until the end of 2017 is still very complicated. In the last days of April, while the North is suffering from a "hot and cold" weather, abnormal wind and rain appeared in the Central and the Central Highlands region. A strong heat wave lasting more than 10 days with a high temperature of 39-40 degrees Celsius in the South ended with thunderstorms and cyclones over the weekend.
It is also noteworthy that the erosion of the river and sea, resulting in increased saline water intrusion into the land, not only made it difficult for agricultural production but also threatened life and property of people. For example, the erosion along the river bank in the Vam Nao River, a branch of the Hau River through My Hoi hamlet, My Hoi commune, Cho Moi district in the Mekong Delta province of An Giang caused damage to the inter-communal road and hundreds of local households.
In order to address issues related to climate change in an effective manner, involved departments and agencies should work more closely to advise and direct the implementation of the natural disasters mitigation measures, particularly in building and strengthening infrastructure for flood prevention and control and disaster mitigation, ensuring reservoir safety, planting watershed forests, developing storm shelter and drainage systems for major cities, improving capacity building and community-based disaster management, and integrating disaster risk mitigation in new rural area construction.
In addition to climate monitoring, weather forecasts and the issue of warnings should be made priorities to effectively serve the prevention and mitigation of natural disasters and minimise the damages caused by climate change to the community.

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John Smith 10/5/17 19:23

Vietnam will mobilize every resource to effectively manage natural disaster risks and adapt to climate change.

Gentle Moon 10/5/17 19:25

It must aim at minimizing loss of human lives and property, mitigating impacts on people’s livelihood and socio-economic activities, and limiting damage to natural resources, the environment and cultural heritage

LawrenceSamuels 10/5/17 19:26

The Government should find all ways to contribute to ensuring sustainable development, national defense and security and step by step building a safer society against natural hazards.

Jane smartnic 10/5/17 19:26

To this end, Vietnam will increase its forecasting and warning capacity to the level of the most advanced regional countries for such disasters as storm, water rise due to typhoon, flood or heavy rain, inundation, flash flood, landslide, drought and saltwater intrusion.

yobro yobro 10/5/17 19:27

early warning will be made against flash flood, landslide, drought and tsunami.

Love Peace 10/5/17 19:28

Also by 2020, national, regional and provincial task forces will be formed all over the country in order to promptly respond to the occurrence of severe natural disasters in case natural disasters fall beyond the capacity of local forces.

MaskOf Zero 10/5/17 19:29

Viet Nam needs to improve the quality of weather forecasting and enhance international co-operation to prepare for natural disasters.

Only Solidar 10/5/17 19:29

Natural disasters struck from the beginning of the year to the end of the year, occurring in all regions with many types of natural disasters.

Pack Cassiopian 10/5/17 19:31

Natural disasters have led to stagnant production and harmed the health of people in disaster-prone areas. It was the main reason for the poor performance of the agricultural sector in the first half of last year, resulting in a decrease in the country’s economic growth.

Deck Hero14 10/5/17 19:32

Facilities and equipment to support disaster prevention work were still limited while staff in agencies often didn’t respond to disasters in a timely fashion.

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