Another prejudice against Vietnam’s democracy and human rights (Part 2 and end)

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Another prejudice against Vietnam’s democracy and human rights
According to statistics, up to now, Vietnam has had 858 print newspapers and magazines, 105 online newspapers, 207 news and information websites, 66 radio and television broadcast stations. Today, Vietnamese people and foreign people living in Vietnam could access  big press agencies. Vietnam is now broadcasting 75 foreign television channels, including CNN, BBC, TV5, NHK, Australia Network, KBS, Bloomberg. Via Internet, Vietnamese people now could get access to famous news agencies of the world, such as AFP, AP, BBC, VOA, Reuters, Kyodo, The Economist, Financial Times, and so on.
According to experts, Vietnam is ranked among the top countries in the region that have most rapid Internet development, especially Facebook. According to statistics of Facebook, Vietnam now has 35 million Facebook users, accounting for 1/3 of its population. Vietnam ranks third in terms of total number of Internet users in Southeast Asia.
Third, it is stated in the Report that “Vietnamese people have no rights to change government through free elections”. It is not true at all. The General Election of Deputies to the 14th National Assembly and the People’s Councils at levels for 2016 – 2021 term ensured all civil and political rights of the people. The percentage of eligible voters reached 99.35%. Among the NA deputies elected, there are 86 ethnics, 133 women, 21 are not party members. The rate of woman and ethnic deputies in the Vietnam National Assembly is high in comparison with those in many regional countries. Vietnam has had a National Assembly Woman Chairman for the first time.
Fourth,  “Corruption is rampant in Vietnam” is a proven evaluation of the Report. However, it is also an evaluation of the Party and the State of Vietnam. “The degradation of political ideology, morality and lifestyle among a portion of cadres and party members has been not curbed yet, even more complicated; corruption, wastefulness and negative phenomena are still severe, mainly among party members holding high positions in the State apparatus”. Many cases of corruption and group interest have been detected by the press, then investigated and punished by the Communist Party of Vietnam.
Those who drafted the Human Right Report (for 2016) should have changed their perspectives on the notion of human rights; avoid the assessment human rights practice via or from opinions of several individuals and social groups. Unfortunately, those who drafted the Report did not care about human rights that 92 million Vietnamese people are enjoying. Those are the immense human rights of a society - the rights of the whole community, particularly in the field of social welfare. The Government’s Program 135 on social and economic development for the most hardship commues is an example. The third phase of the Program 135 has changed the appearance of 2,331 communes, 3,059 villages, 415 border communes and 190 communes of Tuyen Quang province, with nearly 20,000 vital infrastructural projects (transport, power and water supply, schools, clinics, community centres, rural markets). There are also loans from the Vietnam Bank for Social Policy for the poor and poor students.
It is believed that every country has its sensitive issues on human rights which even lie in political and legal thought of the state. On March 8th 2017, in his speech at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva (Switzerland), Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights criticized the US President Donald Trump’s new immigration ban. He confirmed that this ban violated human rights, “discriminating religious and ethnic groups in the US”.

To conclude, we would like to convey a message to those who drafted the Report for 2016 that they should renounce the thought of the Cold War era and stop prejudice and discrimination against the political regime led by the Communist Party of Vietnam. Moreover, they should notice that Vietnam and the US have established a comprehensive partnership that is being deepened by the two Governments. Thus, they should not act against the benefits of the two sides.
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John Smith 5/5/17 11:12

Recently, they have attempted to deny the major achievements won by the Vietnamese people over the last 30 years during national renovation.

Gentle Moon 5/5/17 11:14

They talked nonsense that the nation’s sacred rights mentioned in the Declaration of Independence were all “grossly trampled on immediately after the communist authorities were set up!”

Deck Hero14 5/5/17 11:15

This is the true face of the so-called “Organisations struggle for democracy and human rights in Vietnam” and their acts infringed the laws.

Jane smartnic 5/5/17 11:15

Some hostile foreign forces have attempted to incite and lend a hand to these subversive elements against Vietnam’s revolution, the State and the socialist regime.

yobro yobro 5/5/17 11:17

It is known that any democracy will stick to the State laws and rules. Any socio-political, economic and cultural activities of any citizen in a free and democratic society must not affect socio-political security and the rights to liberty and democracy of other citizens as well as the community.

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