Hosting of APEC 2017 shows Vietnam’s vision, new stature: Deputy PM

Hosting Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) events in 2017 demonstrates the strategic diplomatic vision and growing stature of Vietnam, according to Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh.
APEC 2017 – Strategic vision of Vietnam’s diplomacy
In a recent article published by multiple local media outlets, Minh, also Chairman of the APEC 2017 National Committee, wrote that APEC Year 2017 is a critical opportunity for Vietnam to affirm its diplomatic wisdom, especially in multilateral external activities amidst strong efforts to integrate internationally.
APEC Vietnam 2017’s theme “Creating New Dynamism, Fostering A Shared Future” has been praised by APEC members and partners.
Based on APEC cooperation outcomes in past years, Vietnam put forth four priorities: promoting sustainable, innovative and inclusive growth; deepening regional economic integration; strengthening micro, small and medium enterprises’ competitiveness and innovation in the digital age; and enhancing food security and sustainable agriculture in response to climate change.
The theme, priorities and cooperation directions in APEC Year 2017 illustrate the vision of the country’s diplomacy, he noted, saying that firstly, Vietnam wants a peaceful and stable Asia-Pacific with dynamic development which continues driving growth and economic connectivity in the region and the world.
Secondly, APEC activities this year must create driving forces for growth and raise regional economic connectivity. They must prove that APEC is a forum for people and businesses. It is also urgent to attain the Bogor Goals, maintain connectivity within frameworks like the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, and work to form a Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific.
Thirdly, APEC this year is expected to continue in its role as the initiator, guide and coordinator of economic connectivity, helping build a sustainable, transparent and adaptable regional structure that ensures the harmony of multi-level mechanisms.
Lastly, after 28 years of development, it’s time to shape APEC’s post-2020 vision, which needs to clarify targets, long-term orientations and cooperation pillars in the next 10-15 years. It is necessary to bring into play the spirit of equal, win-win, voluntary and non-binding cooperation so as to ensure the forum’s dynamism and attractiveness in a region with diverse history, culture and development levels, the Deputy PM added.
He expressed his belief that APEC Vietnam 2017 will create new driving forces for the forum. It is also a chance for the country to help shape the future of APEC and the region’s economic structure.
Growing stature, practical benefits
Minh wrote that to Vietnam, APEC is one of the important multilateral forums that brings about substantive benefits. It gathers 13 of the country’s 25 strategic and comprehensive partners, along with many leading economic and trade partners of the country.
Therefore, APEC Year 2017 is a focus of Vietnam and also the country’s most significant contribution to the forum.
Activities this year will allow Vietnam to boost the stable and sustainable development of the partnerships it has set up, particularly with key APEC members, he noted.
Additionally, accelerating the realization of the Bogor Goals and APEC’s strategies and action plans, along with Vietnam’s efforts to fulfill commitments in free trade agreements, will help promote reforms, economic restructuring and the shifting of the growth model in the country while improving the local business and investment climate.
Meanwhile, about 200 activities of APEC in 2017 will generate cooperation, business and tourism opportunities, Minh wrote, saying that the APEC Economic Leaders’ Week in Da Nang city alone is set to be attended by 10,000 delegates and entrepreneurs as well as big media groups from around the world.
Deputy PM Minh voiced his belief that with Vietnam’s efforts and other member economies’ and partners’ support, APEC Vietnam 2017 will be successful, contributing to the country’s development and affirming its vision and new stature.

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John Smith 15/5/17 20:45

2017 marks the second time Vietnam has been given the honour to host activities of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), which reflects the high trust of the international community for Vietnam after nearly two decades as a member of the forum.

Gentle Moon 15/5/17 20:46

The event promises to raise Vietnam’s global status, accelerate the country’s relations with other bilateral partners and offer a good opportunity for Vietnamese firms to bring about practical benefits.

LawrenceSamuels 15/5/17 20:47

The successful hosting of APEC meetings is expected to earn Vietnam high appreciation from international friends in terms of organisation work.

Jane smartnic 15/5/17 20:48

It also shows Vietnam’s contributions to leading the APEC amidst the difficult and complicated context of global politics and economy.

yobro yobro 15/5/17 20:49

Vietnam is on the path of promoting trade liberalisation for sustainable development and prosperity in the region.

Love Peace 15/5/17 20:49

Vietnam, as the host country, has proposed the theme “Creating new dynamism, fostering a shared future” for the 2017 APEC Year, with a view to facilitating growth via more extensive economic cooperation and enhanced integration in the Asia-Pacific region.

MaskOf Zero 15/5/17 20:50

With its scale and significance, the APEC encourages world-leading businesses to do business and invest in Vietnam.

Only Solidar 15/5/17 20:51

The event will create a “golden opportunity” for Vietnamese firms to tap into and develop.

Pack Cassiopian 15/5/17 20:52

Consequently, the 2017 APEC Year is considered a “golden moment” actively affecting Vietnamese businesses in interacting with authorised agencies towards policy and institution change.

Deck Hero14 15/5/17 20:54

This is a good chance for Vietnam to learn from global experience and foster business partnership with more developed partners in the region.

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