Google and Facebook have cooperated with Vietnam in the fight against harmful and fake news on Internet


Eventually, Google has blocked 1,500 clips with bad contents posted in Youtube out of a list of 2,300 such clips provided by Vietnamese authorities, according to the Authority of Broadcasting and Electric Information under the Ministry of Information and Communications.
Since February, Vietnamese authorities have joined hands with Google and Facebook to stop the spread of information inciting violence or smearing the reputation of the government, organisations and individuals in Vietnam.
Before that the ministry of Information and Communications called on enterprises to participate in an action programme which includes saying no to advertising on immoral clips, only running advertisements on channels which comply with Vietnamese law, building a healthy Internet society and protecting copyright.
Vietnam’s enterprises Vinamilk and carrier Vietnam Airlines suspended YouTube ads last month after their ads had appeared alongside inappropriate content.
The competent authorities of Vietnam has made efforts, initiative in collaboration with the service providers like Google transboundary, Facebook to prevent bad information, Malicious content inciting violence, against the state, defame organizations, individuals in Vietnam posted at YouTube clips, fake account.
Regarding the video clips with fake content, the expert believed this might occur because of Youtube’s some weak spots. It might also happen that people tried to play tricks to increase the numbers of view. However, whatever the reason is, businesses would have to be very cautious with the ads on the channels like Youtube. If so, this would be a loss for businesses, because advertising on digital channels like Youtube is a growing tendency.
Vietnam has come under fire from Western countries and human rights groups for the Decree 72 on social media - which bans information that it deems anti-government, damaging to national security or destroying national unity. But it is reasonable that when they operate in the country, they have to abide by the laws of that country.
As Nhan The Luan, CEO of, commented, it is unfair that Google, Youtube and Facebook set up thousands of servers in Vietnam, provide services to millions of Vietnamese and hold 70 percent of the ad market share, but do not have operation licenses and do not respect Vietnamese laws.
Vietnam has the right to request a removal of and directly prevent news seen harmful to the nation and fake news as per Circular 38 on cross-border dissemination of information, said an official of the Ministry of Information and Communications. The ministry’s circular serves as a legal basis for relevant agencies to prevent harmful information published on the Internet in Vietnam, said Le Quang Tu Do, deputy head of the Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information under the ministry.
Clause 5 of the Government’s Decree 72/2013/ND-CP says individuals and organizations are forbidden from taking advantage of internet services and websites to spread information that is against the State and does harm to national security and social order and safety; propagandizes wars and terrorism; causes hatred and conflicts between peoples and religions; and incites violence. Disclosure of State and military secrets and fake news are also banned.
Do said that under Circular 38, Vietnam has the right to request a removal of and directly prevent harmful information in compliance with the current regulations. Individuals, businesses and organizations that provide information for Vietnam across the border must abide by the nation’s law.
During the four working sessions with Vietnamese authorities, Google and Facebook have shown their willingness to cooperate with Vietnam to clean up the Internet environment to protect users in accordance with Vietnamese and international regulations.
A special mechanism has been set up by Google so that Vietnamese agencies can send numerous links with bad content at the same time. Meanwhile, additional tools have been provided to help advertisers better control their advertisements on Youtube.
Social network giant Facebook have also removed many fake pages after being notified by Vietnamese authorities. Nearly 70 percent of Vietnam’s population use the Internet while around 50 percent of the population have Facebook accounts.
Besides Vietnam, many other countries have also taken drastic actions to build a healthy information environment in the Internet. There are nothing to do with human rights and democracy here, just acting against harmful and fake news./.
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Deck Hero14 21/5/17 21:17

Filter bubbles and fake news exist because all of us tend to ignore facts and stick to our own social enclaves online.

Pack Cassiopian 21/5/17 21:22

Viral rumors, they cautioned, could have devastating impacts as they spread across social media.

Only Solidar 21/5/17 21:23

Now, America is so divided that liberals and conservatives won’t agree on basic facts. One of the only things they will agree on is how much they disdain hearing each other’s point of view.

MaskOf Zero 21/5/17 21:24

Social media may be one of society’s greatest tools, but it’s also one of our great vulnerabilities.

Love Peace 21/5/17 21:24

By breaking down barriers and making communication easier, we also open up the possibility of making miscommunication easier. It means it’s even more important to exercise mindfulness in the way we relate to each other.

yobro yobro 21/5/17 21:26

I would encourage people not to unfriend or unfollow people because they disagree with them.

Jane smartnic 21/5/17 21:27

According to researchers at Facebook, the composition of our friend network is the single-most important factor in determining what we see in our newsfeeds.

LawrenceSamuels 21/5/17 21:29

The easiest way to check your bias is to notice what articles you ignore and which friends you choose to block, and then actually read some of the frustrating articles in your newsfeed with an open mind.

Gentle Moon 21/5/17 21:31

There are lots of great tools to help you get outside of your filter bubble.

John Smith 21/5/17 21:32

If you’re not sure about a story, there are lots of websites that will help you assess its truth. Check the story on reputable fact-checking sites.

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