Forever forging ahead alongside President Ho Chi Minh!

On May 19, 2017, the whole Party, people and the army celebrated the 127th birth anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh, the great leader of the Party and the people, the great instructor of the Vietnamese revolution, a national liberation hero and a world cultural celebrity.
His life and revolutionary career is a shining epic and typical example of patriotism, communist qualities, wisdom, and pure revolutionary virtue. He dedicated himself to the revolutionary cause of the Party and people, wholeheartedly devoting himself to serve the Fatherland and the people until his last breath. His great contributions make his name and career live forever within the country.
Under the leadership of President Ho Chi Minh and the Communist Party of Vietnam, the nation has overcome difficulties and challenges to win great victories. From a semi-feudal colonial state, Vietnam has become an independent, free country. Vietnamese people, from slavery have risen up to rule the country, becoming the rulers of their own society. The country, once a poor and backward nation has entered a period of accelerated industrialisation and modernisation, becoming a developing country with middle income and increased prestige on the international arena.
He left to the following generations a valuable legacy, which is Ho Chi Minh’s Thought, Ho Chi Minh’s Era and Ho Chi Minh’s Moral Example and Style. Ho Chi Minh’s Thought is a comprehensive and in-depth system of views about the fundamental issues of the Vietnamese revolution as a result of the creative application and development of Marxism-Leninism in Vietnam’s conditions, with the inheritance and promotion of national fine traditional values and absorbing quintessence of human culture. The system is a great precious spiritual asset of the Party and the people, forever illuminating the way toward the revolutionary cause of the nation.
In Ho Chi Minh’s Thought, the idea regarding Party building is of particular importance. As the founder, leader and trainer of the Party, he affirmed, "Besides the interests of the motherland and the people, the Party has no other benefit."; "Every member and cadre of the Communist Party must truly be imbued with revolutionary morals, be hard-working, practicing thrift, honesty and righteousness, and be public-spirited and selfless. It is a must to keep our Party clean and worthy of being the loyal leader and servant to the people."
He pointed out, "A Party that conceals its fault is a corrupt Party. A Party that dares to condemn its shortcomings, define the cause and circumstances which resulted in such limitations and look for ways to correct that defect, that is a progressive, forcible, righteous and genuine Party." He also suggested, "The Party should practice broad democracy, regularly and seriously implement self-criticism and criticism. It is the best way to strengthen and develop the Party's solidarity and unity."
In carrying out his instructions, the Party has always strengthened Party building and regulating work, constantly promoting self-criticism and criticism. Looking directly at truth and openly clarifying and evaluating the truth, Resolution 4 of the 12th Party Central Committee on Party building and revising clearly defines shortcomings and weaknesses within the Party; at the same time setting out groups of solutions to effectively prevent and reverse the degeneration of political ideology, morality and lifestyle of Party member, as well as the manifestation of “self-evolution” and “self-transformation” inside the Party to a more clean and strong Party.
In celebrating the 127th birth anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh, we are more than ever aware of the leadership role of the Party and the demand for the Party building in the present situation. To carry out his instructions, Party committees and organisations at all levels need to constantly care for Party building work and promote self-criticism and criticism associated with the implementation of Directive No. 05-CT/TW dated May 15, 2016 by the Politburo.
It is necessary to bring the study and following of Ho Chi Minh's ideas, ethics and style into tangible outcomes, regular and daily activities for Party organisations and Party members, thus multiplying good deeds to turn the movement into an extensive campaign throughout the entire Party, the entire people and the whole army, while striving to make efforts to successfully implement the resolution of the 12th National Party Congress, comprehensively and synchronously promote the renewal process, and ensure a fast and sustainable economic development path to transform the country into an industrial nation in the modern context.
Each level of Party committees, Party organisations and Party members should promote good traditions, revolutionary nature and the vanguard role of the Party to build a truly clean and strong Party in political, organisational and ethic manner; in addition to continuously renewing the mode of leadership, intensifying the close relations between the Party and the people, and strengthening the fight against manifestations of individualism, degeneration of political ideology, ethics, lifestyle and corruption.
Ho Chi Minh's life, identity and career have left a deep mark on national history and human history. As time goes on, the more we recognise his outstanding personality and greatness. With a deep love and sentiment for and unrelenting gratitude to Uncle Ho, each Party official and Party member must instill revolutionary virtues to truly become hard-working, practicing thrift, honesty and righteousness, and be public-spirited and selfless to promote self-criticism and self-improvement and take the lead in studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s ideas, ethics and style, while setting a good example of morality and lifestyle, in close relations with the people, always considering serving the people above all else.
We are willing to forever forge ahead alongside President Ho Chi Minh, constantly striving to follow the path that the Party, Uncle Ho and our people have chosen, to build our country more into a more dignified and prosperous nation as he wished.
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Gentle Moon 20/5/17 21:44

Ho now devoted his efforts to constructing a Communist society in North Vietnam and bringing about the reunification of the country under the party’s rule.

Jane smartnic 20/5/17 21:45

To some, he is a patriotic figure who used Communist doctrine and strategy as a means of freeing his people, but whose basic instincts were humanitarian and democratic.

Pack Cassiopian 20/5/17 21:45

To others, he was a scheming revolutionary who pretended to be well meaning and concerned about the welfare of people in order to manipulate enemies and rivals and set the stage for the creation of a totalitarian regime.

Love Peace 20/5/17 21:46

Today the struggle over his legacy continues in Vietnam, where reformists seek to invoke his memory to build a more pluralistic society, while conservatives support their own agenda by citing Ho’s determination to build a utopian society based on the principles of Marx and Lenin.

Deck Hero14 20/5/17 21:47

Whatever the controversy over his real beliefs and intentions, there is no doubt that Ho Chi Minh was one of the most influential figures of the 20th century.

John Smith 20/5/17 21:48

Ho Chi Minh was the crystallisation of the best and most outstanding examples of wisdom and ideology, sentiment and morality, personality, lifestyle, humankind and the Vietnamese nation.

yobro yobro 20/5/17 21:49

He symbolised the nature of Vietnam’s modern cultural identity.

MaskOf Zero 20/5/17 21:50

He was a very modest and great man, an incarnation of cultural values: truth, perfection and the beauty of not only the Vietnamese nation, but also mankind.

Only Solidar 20/5/17 21:51

Ho Chi Minh’s theoretical consciousness, together with his practical experience gained during his revolutionary struggles helped him in his capacity as an ideologist and revolutionary and helped him to make discoveries which had a big impact and decided our country’s revolutionary ambitions.

Deck Hero14 20/5/17 21:58

He did not only lead his people from slavery to freedom but brought his beloved Vietnamese nation to the vanguard of the new era.

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