Nguyen Van Dai – A stubborn culprit deserves to be brought to trial


In a statement posted on its website, the Ministry of Public Security announced it had issued an arrest warrant on December 15 for Mr. Nguyen Van Dai’s arrest. The Supreme People's Court also gave its approval to the search and prosecution.
       Later, on Wednesday, December 16, 2015 Nguyen Van Dai was taken into police custody and his house in the capital Hanoi was searched and confiscated two laptops and one desktop computer, several USB sticks, a camera and two camcorders, books on human rights… All documents have contents against the people’s administration and dividing the great national unity, and there are four envelopes containing money that Nguyen Van Dai, reiceived from overseas hostile forces, uses to support anti-governmental activities, the Ministry of Public Security said in a brief statement. The case was being investigated in accordance with the law, it said.
       Nguyen Van Dai was charged under Article 88 of the Criminal Code for spreading propaganda against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Dai was informed that he would be temporarily jailed for four months at the B14 Prison in Hanoi, pending trial. If convicted, he faces three to 20 years in prison.
       It is not the first time Mr. Nguyen Van Dai is being intimidated or judicially harassed. Also, in 2007, Mr. Nguyen Van Dai was sentenced to five years in prison and four years probationary detention (house arrest) on charges of anti-government propaganda.
       So, who is Nguyen Van Dai? And, what has he done to be arrested like that? Let take a look and see if that is deserved or not?
       Nguyen Van Dai was born in 1969 in Hung Yen Province. He graduated from Hanoi Law University in 1995 and opened an office for translation and legal consultancy in 2003. He was also the head of Thien An Law Office.
       In 2007, Nguyen Van Dai and his colleague, Le Thi Cong Nhan, were accused of possessing and distributing anti-government documents. Dai and Nhan were given five and four years of imprisonment respectively by Hanoi People's Court. Due to the State’s amnesty, their sentences were reduced one year by the Supreme People's Court after the appeal.
       However, “once a thief, always a thief”, despite local authorities persuading, educating reminding him of his legal violations on many occasions, Dai continued conducting anti-state activities after being released. It might have been his dyed-in-the-wool nature.
       In 2013, he founded the so-called “Brotherhood for Democracy” which we have all known a group of anti-governmental individuals who mostly used to be judged of undermining national security and interests. And by that organization he has colluded with domestic and foreign reactionaries to sabotage the Vietnamese State. It's said that Dai is obviously an active member of Viet Tan, a terrorist organization.
       According to the Ministry of Public Security, investigation agencies have collected evidence over the past several years, showing that Dai had conspired against the State by joining hands with other reactionary elements; recruiting for a domestic anti-State organization; compiling documents published on overseas websites and other media distorting policies and laws of the Party and State while calling to replace the leadership of the Communist Party.
       He also took advantage of his work as a defense lawyer for a number of reactionary elements like Le Cong Dinh, Nguyen Cong Chinh, Nguyen Van Ly, Nguyen Van Hai, etc. to voice his support and backing for them and, at the same time, to realize the scheme of turning their trials into “forums” against the State and distorting Vietnam’s Constitution and laws.
       So, as we can see, Nguyen Van Dai deserves to be investigated and judged for what he has done. And, through all transparent procedure, Dai’s arrest has been made in line with Vietnam’s laws and it’s totally Vietnam’s internal affairs. He violated Vietnam’s laws. So, leave Nguyen Van Dai for the State of Vietnam. But, sadly, some other nations and hostile forces have misjudged and conducted inappropriate actions against mutual interests. 
       What a pity when we see all these organizations such as London-based Amnesty International, New York-based Human Rights Watch, European Union, the Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights have been quick to issue wrong accusation about Vietnam’s situation, calling for Dai’s immediate and unconditional release, who they claim as human rights activist. Even, EU has stopped voting to give its consent to the ratification of the EU-Vietnam Partnership and Cooperation Agreement. That is a pitiful mistake, and we hope EU and all these organizations have conceived rightly about Vietnam’s real situation, rightly about Dai’s true face./.
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Jack Walker 22/12/15 20:31

for the past years, Nguyen Van Dai has carried out many activities against the State and Party of Vietnam, so he is deserved to be severely punished

Williams Melanie 22/12/15 20:34

he intended to cause chaos and overthrow the political model in Vietnam

Thompson Catherine 22/12/15 20:38

I think he acted against Vietnamese Goverment in order to receive money from anti-Vietnam forces abroad

Davis Caroline 22/12/15 20:41

if he is a good citizen, he willnot act against his own fartherland, but he will make contribution to the country

erica black 22/12/15 20:44

Dai has been seen as a traitor to the Motherland. It's a shame!

Dennis White 22/12/15 20:47

I agree that his bad actions should be condemed and strictly punished

Evans David 22/12/15 20:50

in any country over the world, all people must to obey the law of that country, otherwise they will be dealt with by law

Elizabeth Green 31/12/15 05:50

Nguyen Van Dai received much money from anti-Vienamese Goverment forces

Funny Day 31/12/15 05:52

Dai had joined hands with other reactionary elements; recruited for a domestic anti-State organization; compiled documents published on overseas websites and other media distorting policies and laws of the Party and State

Anthony Jones 31/12/15 06:04

I see that EU and some international organizations have criticed the arrest of Dai is totally unreasonable and unacceptable

Jack Walker 31/12/15 06:07

being arrested because of breaking the law is inevitable, there is nothing to debate

Dennis White 31/12/15 06:12

if we point out the weaknesses, limitations of the State with positive purpose of developing the country, we will not be dealt by the State.

Evans David 31/12/15 06:16

I think the Vietnamese people should make contributions to the building and developing of the Motherland in spite of acting against it

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