Patriotism in the peacetime

I have more than 25 years living in Germany, doing many kinds of works to earn money. After the reunification of Germany, I bought an old car to travel as my work demanded. Once, to save the money, I change the oil of my car in my garden instead of taking my car to the garage.
When I finished the job, got out of the car’s chassis, suddenly I saw my neighbor standing right in my garden. He was an old man who often smiles to my by the flower fence. Looking at the oil tray on my hands, he strictly said: “If I call the police, you will receive a fine of 500 marks. But I don’t because you don’t know the principles. The next time, you have to take your car to the garage or gas station. ” I argued that I had tray to contain the old oil. He smiled and told me to bend over and see the crew on the grass. “You see, oil is one kind of wet substances. No matter how careful are you, there are always some drops of oil shall stick to the crew and fall down to the grass. Therefore our land will be poisoned; our future generations shall suffer the bad consequences of your actions when living here”, he said. I quickly realized my mistakes, apologized and thanked him.
Later, every time when we sit together on the wooden bench, drinking beer under the cherries that were plentiful of ripe fruits, I always remembered his words, his love for the garden which had been close to him for nearly 90 years.
After the reunification of the Germany, my factory gradually laid workers off to prepare selling for the India. I had taken half of a year to fulfill the process of layoff but there were not any cases of thief or losses of property. I was surprise because the factory was huge and surrounded by forest and wheat field that was very easy for someone who tend to steal things of the factory. I couldn’t understand how they can manage the process without any losses. Wanted to find out the answer, I asked my close friend, Lotar, who was the chief of guards department. He said: “The factory’s fence has ten of thousands meter long, while we just have 25 guards, we can’t ensure the security of the factory. East Germany (the German Democratic Republic) had fallen down, and the workers understand that the factory is the property of Germany and German people, it does not belong to any specific objects.”
The stories of an old German and Lotar had made me think a lot. Suddenly I realized that their country become such beautiful because each German people know how to reserve what they have and what they love. They are so rich and powerful thanks to their individuals never abuse the positions or the turbulence of the country to do things that harm the interests of the community.
In Vietnam, at the recent ninth national Patriotic Emulation Congress, I also heard a lot of stories like that. The farmer, Nguyen Tan Ben had created a new machine to help other farmer to raise their labor’s efficiency; the young Doctor, Nguyen Ba Hai created the guiding glasses for the blind... They all do a lot and speak little. If they have to speak, the farmer said: “I just want to do my job well and don’t know how to speak it out”. “We should delicate more rather than complaining” the young Doctor said.
When I was 16 years old, I voluntarily joined the army. I had faced with bombs and bullets and now living with the lingering pains and obsessions. I thought there was no dedication for the country bigger than that.
But the patriotism and dedication in the peacetime do not demand us to risk our life with bombs and bullets because the country is now in peace. However, this is still a tough challenge to the selfishness, the greed of each individual with the national assets or interests of the community.
Love mean respect and preservation or at least do not causing harm. In my opinion, the patriotism is simply understood by this way./.

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Thompson Catherine 31/12/15 06:19

in Vietnam, there are many heros that have made significant contributions to the development of the country in the peacetime

Williams Melanie 31/12/15 06:22

Vietnamese youth talents have just been honored and praised in the second meeting of the Vietnamese youth talents

Davis Caroline 31/12/15 06:24

they deserve to treat so that because they have glorified the country

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