No chance for hostile forces’ attempt to sabotage the Party


 In the build up to the 12th National Party Congress, the Party made public the Draft Political Report on its performance in the last five years and directions for the next five years on September 15th, 2015. In so doing, the Party has created a good chance for people to offer their opinions and ideas to the draft document. So far, the Party has received a large number of good opinions and ideas. This has shown that people are keen on the 12th National Party Congress and its directions for national development and defence.
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Many people expressed their delight and highly valued the Party’s democratic spirit, and strongly believed in the success of the 12th National Party Congress to be held early next year. Others also wished that the Party would conduct more drastic reforms in leading the nation in the areas of economics, politics, democracy, human rights and foreign affairs to reach the goal “Prosperous people, strong country, democracy, equality, civilization.”  What is more, some opinions claim that the nation should be united under the leadership of the Party to continue the Vietnamese revolutionary path toward socialism, despite the current difficulties and challenges in socio-economic development and protection of national sovereignty over the sea and islands.
In a frank and constructive manner, people also pointed out weaknesses and limitations in the Party’s leadership over the past five years. They expressed their concern about corruption, social evils, food safety and hygiene, deforestation, and unsolved complaints and petitions. Regarding the protection of human rights, people have asked to improve measures to prevent mistakes and faults in the justice sector, clearly determine the responsibilities of organizations and individuals for their wrongdoings in the prosecution process, and make appropriate compensations to wrongly accused people. They also strongly support the implementation of the 2013 Constitution as well as the Law of Association, Law of Referendum and Law of Demonstration. In general, people show their trust in the Party’s leadership but also ask it to improve its leadership capacity to deal with both domestic and external issues in the new context.
However, some hostile forces go against the national trend. They make use of the Party’s holding the national-scale opinion poll to unreasonably criticize it and the Draft Documents of the 12th National Party Congress. They held that there is “nothing new” in the documents, and that the Party keeps following the “old path” and “backward” political thinking. They also say that they feel “disappointed” with the documents, which do not have a “new factor” or a “fundamental reform.”
What is more, they post well-written articles on the internet, distorting information and speaking ill of the Party’s leadership and leaders, with the aim of mobilizing people for a “velvet revolution.” They write that Vietnam is facing the “risk of losing” national sovereignty over its seas and islands, and its political system and economy can “collapse at any time,” which can be seen as an opportunity for a “revolution.” They keep analyzing that the “revolutionary force” can be mobilized from all social classes, of which “progressive people” such as intellects and civil organizations can serve as the core force of the “revolution.”
They also state that the “revolution” aims to immediately reform the political system. They write, “If only the Party reduced its monopoly and dictatorship; instead, it should strive for the Fatherland and people by opening up democracy and honouring human rights and freedom.”
They ask the Party to launch another renewal and reform the political institution. In doing so, they show their real plot – to deny the Party from leading the nation.
In fact, hostile forces have been conducting this vicious plot since the 1980s. Everyone knows that Vietnam has faced numerous difficulties and challenges in the postwar time. In the 1980s, when the country was under an economic crisis and a border conflict, most Vietnamese people chose to unite themselves under the Party’s leadership in order to overcome economic difficulties and fight the enemy; but a few domestic reactionaries sought to collaborate with overseas hostile forces to sabotage the Party and State. They crafted a strategy called “peaceful evolution,” which indeed aimed to oust the Party from its leading role in Vietnam’s politics. Later, they also tried to conduct a “velvet revolution,” similar to what had happened in Eastern Europe in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
Despite their malicious plots and anti-revolutionary activities, Vietnam, under the sound leadership of the Party, has reached a large number of significant achievements. In 1986, the Party launched a renewal in both political and economic terms and open door policy in external relations. Since then, the country has continuously developed in every field, and now it is universally known as an emerging economy with its average economic growth rate of over 5 percent in the last 30 years.
After 30 years implementing the renewal, or Doi Moi, Vietnam has become a middle-income nation from a poor one. Lives of people have been considerably improved; socio-politics has been maintained stable, and defence and security has been further consolidated. In the draft documents, the Party reaffirms the continuity of Doi Moi and shows it has seriously learned the lessons from 30 years of Doi Moi to successfully lead the nation in the next 5 years.
In terms of external affairs, Vietnam has established diplomatic relations with more than 180 countries across the world. In fact, Vietnam’s foreign and defence policies have been based on the strength of its great national unity and international support. In bilateral relations, it has pursued the principle of promoting relations with all countries, bypassing differences in political system, religion, culture, economic level and geological distance, while prioritizing relations with its neighbours and major powers in the region and world to firmly protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity. In multilateral relations, Vietnam has forged cooperation with the UN and other international organizations, actively participated in regional and international arrangements and acted as a responsible member of the international community.
It can be said that the Draft Documents of the upcoming 12th National Party Congress includes both experiences in the Party’s leadership over the past 30 years and new ideas and thinking in socio-economic development, defence and security, and external affairs. Particularly, the Party emphasizes the importance of economy restructuring, renewing the growth model, ensuring and honouring democracy and human rights, and expanding and deepening its relationships with other countries and international organizations in order to boost national socio-economic development, promote the national status in the international arena and bring prosperity and happiness to all people.
As most people can see the excellent guidelines drawn up in the documents, they surely believe that the Party will undoubtedly lead the nation to success in the next five years. In other words, the attempt of hostile forces to undermine the Party’s credibility on the veranda of the 12th National Party Congress will once again not come to fruition.
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John Smith 2/12/15 16:02

In different stages of revolutionary leadership, the Communist Party of Viet Nam has always considered ideological and theoretical work a primary task and a key integral part of Party building which contribute to enhance the Party’s leading capacity and fighting strength.

Gentle Moon 2/12/15 16:03

in the current stage, in face of rapid and complicated changes in national and international situation, continuing to renovate ideological and theoretical work of the Party is truly an essential demand.

LawrenceSamuels 2/12/15 16:05

In the context of globalization and international integration, Viet Nam is one of the integral part of the contemporary world.

Jane smartnic 2/12/15 16:06

assessment and review of above-mentioned important ideological and theoretical issues should be done on the basis of identification of basic issues in the current world economy and politics.

yobro yobro 2/12/15 16:07

The cadres who are working on the Party’s ideology and theory have been strengthened and developed.

Love Peace 2/12/15 16:09

That international situation has resulted in strong impacts in the spiritual life of Viet Nam, especially in ideological and theoretical field.

MaskOf Zero 2/12/15 16:11

it is obvious that the tasks undertaken by the ideological and theoretical sector to thwart all schemes and plots of internal and external reactionary and hostile forces to sabotage the Party, State and regime of Viet Nam are very heavy.

Only Solidar 2/12/15 16:12

We should be resolute and proactive in directly and strongly fight against their distorting allegations which aim to lessen the confidence of the people and Party cadres and members in Marxist-Leninist theory, Ho Chi Minh ideology, viewpoints and lines of the Party, policies and legislations of the State, socialist regime, the cause of renovation and the path to socialism of Viet Nam.

Pack Cassiopian 2/12/15 16:13

To succeed, we should carry our comprehensive and radical renovation in methods, ways, means and resources of fighting.

Deck Hero14 2/12/15 16:14

To record achievements, we should not only be proactive, resolute and in time but also conduct careful study, fully grasp the situation and forecast any attempt of the hostile and reactionary forces.

erica black 4/12/15 06:09

as usual, every National Party Congress, hostile forces boost their activities against the State and Party of Vietnam, but they haven't been successful

Dennis White 4/12/15 06:14

looking at the reality in Vietnam shows the boom in all aspects, so we cann't deny the leadership of Vietnamese Communist Party

Jack Walker 4/12/15 06:19

significant archivements that Vietnam has made during the past 30 years of renewal have been recognized and appreciated by the international community

Elizabeth Green 4/12/15 06:24

making public the Draft Political Report to get the people's opinions has demonstrated the democracy and the Party's listening and respect for the people

Evans David 4/12/15 06:31

many good opinions and ideas that contribute to the development and defence of the country will be seriously accepted by the Party

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