Repulse evil information to the country in the context of integration


Recently, many overseas sites and some sites in Vietnam with the host in foreign countries are aggressively resisting Vietnam with sophisticated tricks.
There is an obviously common ground that when our country is going to have prominent negative cases to be brought to the public, those websites all invariably give information to analyze and made subjective, inferential comments with fraudulent concepts and equate between the phenomenon and nature. For example, they consider that a few ineffective business groups will lead to the collapse of the economic model of state. They said the prosecution and of adjudication some cases relating to banks are signs of the collapse of the banking system in the near future”. They show proof of some complaints and denunciations related to solving land issue in a few locations means to assert: Because land tenure regime is only beneficial to officials and enterprises so farmers must fight for the their rights”. Recently, some retired senior officers who lack of exemplary in implementing the housing policy and were concluded clearly by authority, the offender had to returned houses, land plots granted beyond standards but the hostile forces have deduced that “This situation is derived from the exclusive policies of one-party regime”... Obviously, this type of judgment stems from a lack of willingness to impose subjectively, if not ambiguous, spiteful.
Another noteworthy point is that, outside it seemed to be objective stance, anxious for the fate of nation and the future of our country but the essence of democracy”, journalists struggling for freedom”, “blogger loving justice” or “broadcasters and networks” deliberate to misrepresent. By this information, they intentionally make the good-bad, true-false boundary confused together to interfere with that information, mislead public opinion, give the masses on antroubled and complicated matrix of information”. This is a kind ofinformation trap” which is very subtle. If someone lacks of bravery, ignorance, it is very vulnerable to spring the trap. Then their intrigue and bad faith was partly realized.
For these sites, blogs which intentionally committed and to be reminded several times without change and not for the sake of our country and people, it must be closed” to contribute to a clean and healthy strong environmental information in our country.

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