Legitimate rights of Vietnamese workers in Algeria protected

The Vietnamese Embassy in Algeria is seeking ways to handle a recent strike staged by 19 Vietnamese working for a Chinese contractor at the Rouiba construction site in the principle of ensuring their legitimate rights and interests in line with signed contracts.
Ambassador Vu The Hiep made the statement during an interview granted to Vietnam News Agency reporters on December 13 regarding the demonstration held by these Vietnamese workers.

All of the workers wish to return home as soon as possible, the Ambassador said.

According to them, the Chinese employer Zhejiang Construction Investment Group deducted 60 USD from each worker’s salary in November without giving any explanation.

Under the contract, each worker will earn 600 USD per month for 26 working days, 10 working hours per day, inclusive of health insurance and dining.

However, the workers, who were sent to Algeria by Thang Long Investment and International Cooperation Company (Thang Long OSC), are frequently forced to do piecework, pay 10 USD for food to the employer and have their salaries deducted.

The diplomat said the embassy is coordinating with Thang Long OSC and the workers to prevent activities that might cause tensions and violence, and threaten security and safety of Vietnamese nationals.

The embassy will strive to protect legitimate interests of both Thang Long OSC and the Chinese employer and ensure that shared interests and the image of Vietnamese workers in the host country are not affected, he noted.

The diplomat informed that Thang Long OSC and its Chinese partner have consented to repatriate those who wish to return home as soon as possible.

Both the Vietnamese company and the workers who break the contract will, of course, be fined, he added.

To prevent similar incidents, Ambassador Hiep urged Vietnamese contract workers to seriously abide by commitments stated in the contracts and avoid unconstructive and extreme acts in the wake of disputes.

Labour exporters were asked to select eligible workers and inspect the fulfillment of the terms of the contract.

Vietnamese State agencies, including the Vietnamese Embassy, need to join in protecting the rights and interests of Vietnamese labour exporters and guest workers in line with policies, guidelines and law of Vietnam and the host country.

The Ambassador said Algeria is a promising labour importer as it needs a large number of construction workers.

Last month, 49 Vietnamese workers who worked at another construction site in Algeria, returned home after a dispute with their Chinese employer Dongyi Jiangsu Co. Ltd.-VNA
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yobro yobro 14/12/15 21:28

Vietnamese workers in Algeria have settled down and have returned to work in the wake of a Chinese company’s abuse of two labourers, Vietnamese Ambassador Vu The Hiep said.

Gentle Moon 14/12/15 21:31

It's said that the Chinese employer Zhejiang Construction Investment Group deducted 60 USD from each worker’s salary in November without giving any explanation.

Pack Cassiopian 14/12/15 21:32

China again. No wonder why we hate China!

Love Peace 14/12/15 21:34

All the workers said that all relevant governement's agencies have quickly addressed contract-related issues to ensure their legitimate rights and interests.

John Smith 14/12/15 21:36

In early October, Vietnamese workers contracted to work for Dongyi Jiangsu Co. Ltd at a construction site in Khenchela province, more than 460 km east of Algiers, called for help after being beaten by their employer.

Deck Hero14 14/12/15 21:38

After the Vietnamese workers protested the change in payment, they were assaulted by the Chinese employer.

LawrenceSamuels 14/12/15 21:39

The Vietnamese Embassy in Algeria is keeping a close watch of a recent case of Vietnamese workers being abused by employers in the African nation and will take appropriate intervention measures to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of the workers, the Foreign Ministry said.

MaskOf Zero 14/12/15 21:41

We request that employers respect and observe their signed agreements with Vietnamese labour export companies as well as to give equal and humane treatment to Vietnamese workers

Jane smartnic 14/12/15 21:43

We have to sue these two-faced Chinese employers to international court!

Only Solidar 14/12/15 21:44

the Vietnamese labor agency requested the Chinese company make written commitments to not threatening or using force against, giving equal and fair treatment to, and ensuring security, life safety and legitimate rights of Vietnamese workers.

Gentle Moon 14/12/15 21:46

Our embassy in Algeria has informed Vietnam’s authorised agencies and worker recruitment companies on these problems to devise solutions.

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