Christmas in Vietnam


Viet Nam is a multi-religion and multi-belief country. The right to freedom of belief and religion of all Vietnamese citizens is provided by the Constitution and ensured in practice. Article 70 of the Vietnamese 1992 Constitution stipulates: "Citizens have the right to freedom of belief and religion, and may practice or not practice any religion. All religions are equal before the law. Public places of religious worship are protected by law. No one has the right to infringe on the freedom of belief and religion or to take advantage of the latter to violate State laws and policies."
Religious followers are free to practice religious ceremonies, express and exercise their religious beliefs. Religious dignitaries and monks are free to exercise religious activities in accordance with religious rules. The ordainment, appointment and reshuffle of dignitaries are carried out in accordance with church rules. Many foreign religious organizations have come to Viet Nam for exchanges with local religious organizations.
And when Christmas time comes you can see the atmosphere in Vietnam is dynamic as well as in Christen countries. To welcome the 2015 Christmas and the New Year of 2016, on December 24, a lot of Vietnamese people had gathered in churches, commercial hubs and entertainment centers to enjoy a happy and peaceful Christmas night.

Christmas in Ham Long Church, Ha Noi

Christmas in Hai Phong
Foreigners enjoyed Christmas in Da Nang
Christmas in Tan Phu Church, Ho Chi Minh city
Christmas in Ho Chi Minh city
Christmas in Hau Giang
Church in Da Lat
A warm atmosphere inside churches in Da Lat

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