Vietnam Communist Party self-prevents from misrepresented allegations


Nowadays, in a society with multiple utility from social networks and internet, the impact of distorting information is very complicated. The purpose of this activity is to discredit political leadership of the Party, incite internal conflict.
The rhetoric of the enemy forces concentrates on distorting policies of the Party and State law; denying revolutionary achievements; slandering leaders of the Party and the State through memoirs, custom pens, literary and artistic works. They mention family, property and social relations of the senior leaders, internal conflicts within the party and build characters in fiction similar to the leaders in order to create negative opinion among the masses.
Their tactics are taken by using lifelike information but the reader can not verify or citing a scientific document but the sources are not reliable. They build the soulful stories  which were modeled on the historic events in the social and economic development of the country to lead the readers from the social issue to political issue and then come to the conclusion that socialism comes up now is not consistent with the general trend of the times.
These slanderous allegations provoking internal conflicts with many tricks, different forms on the internet or social networking sites even on newsstands with the help of the illegal printing activity.
Preventing the negative impact of this activity is an important contribution to protect the Party and defend the socialist regime in our country. It is the responsibility of the whole society, agencies, departments, especially the State management agencies in the field of communication, internet, social networking,... In order to protect Party and ensure social stability, stable political ideology of cadres and Party members and the masses, to expose the plots, activities of hostile forces, we have to carry out following contents:
Keep track of the situation seriously; proactively slandering incitements of internal divisions to stop in time. Actively control information, the situation on the social network, web, blog with opposition content to proactively provide information to expose the conspiracy and their activities. Proactively contact, meet and exchange with opposers to solve problems related to thoughts, feelings, regulations and policies to them; ask these people to give up activities affecting security and national interests.
Strengthen the state management for social network, blogs. Build and develop strong social networks in the country, creating  forums to pay expression, comment, and share information, images for the people of Vietnam. Actively negotiate and cooperate to share administrator accounts for foreign social network. Connect domestic social networks with foreign social networks to implement better management and prevention of distorted propaganda, incitements.
Overcome the shortcomings and loopholes in managing newspapers, publishing which enemy forces could take advantages to publish or disseminate false allegations. Raise awareness and responsibility of journalists, editors to the plots, activities of hostile forces. Reporters and editors should have good political perspective to detect and remove these articles. Prevent and handle thoroughly illegal activities of printing and publishing.
Besides, our Party and the State should study and complete appropriate mechanisms and policies to meet the needs and aspirations of the strata, creating comfortable environment, healthy to exchange and provide information. Proactively provide information for the press to expose the conspiracy, distorted propaganda, slandering incitement of hostile forces. Create forums where people have mixed opinions, the “dissidents” can make the argument to satisfy their own political ideas.
Find factors and key collaborators as pillars of the forum who can criticize and make members come to agreement with the official views of the Party and State. Effectively implement the fight against corruption to put failth in officials and party members and the masses. Overcome the shortcomings in the process of implementing the policies of the Party and State in various fields of social life.
When the policies of the Party and State are carried out properly in accordance with the interests of nation and majority of the masses, the objectives will no longer oppose to our country. Besides, when we make trust in the Party, in the regime and the country's development path, the opposition will eliminate itself. And that is the most effective way to protect our Party against the allegations to distort and incite internal conflict in Vietnam.

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