First dioxin detoxification centre opens in Central Highlands


The Centrals Highland province of Gia Lai’s Association for Victims of Agent Orange (AO)/Dioxin inaugurated a detoxification centre for AO victims, the first of its kind in the province.
The centre has a total investment of over two billion VND (95,000 USD), including two steam rooms, a medical examination room, a canteen and a rehabilitation room.
The centre is designed to purge the body of dioxin, a toxic contaminant of contained in herbicides dubbed AO, for over 13,000 victims in the province, contributing to improving the health and living condition of the entire community.
AO victims in a centre.(Photo for illustration.Source:
The programme has been carried out in the northern province of Thai Binh since 2012; over 1,200 local AO’s victims have received treatment, all of whom saw positive results.
Following Thai Binh province, Military Medical Institute 103, the central city of Danang and Ha Tinh, Gia Lai is the fifth province to implement the programme.
From 1961 to 1971, the US Army sprayed more than 18.2 million gallons of Agent Orange onto more than 10 percent of the land in southern Vietnam.
It is estimated that more than 4.8 million Vietnamese were exposed to AO/dioxin. Many of the victims have died, while millions of their descendants are living with deformities and diseases due to its effects
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John Smith 11/12/15 14:19

The life of AO victims has been improved. Our biggest concern now is that there are families with 3 or 4 AO-affected children. Who will take care of them when their parents die? We hope to create stable financing to take care of the AO victims.”

Gentle Moon 11/12/15 14:20

Since 2000 Vietnam has provided incentives for revolutionaries affected with dioxin.

LawrenceSamuels 11/12/15 14:21

For 2nd and 3rd generation victims of AO/dioxin, the government pays part of their medical insurance and gives them free schooling.

Jane smartnic 11/12/15 14:22

About one third of the AO victims now have medical insurance. 25% of AO children have access to rehabilitation services.

yobro yobro 11/12/15 14:22

to incentive policies and support for AO victims, VAVA will continue to pursue their lawsuit against the American companies that produced and supplied the toxic chemicals to the US army.

Love Peace 11/12/15 14:23

We have increased communications to make Vietnamese and people worldwide understand the destructive consequences of chemical warfare.

MaskOf Zero 11/12/15 14:24

We will press our claims for justice for Vietnamese AO victims in the courts and outside the courts.

Only Solidar 11/12/15 14:24

We’ll persuade the US government to provide humanitarian aid to AO victims and American chemical companies to compensate the victims, help disinfect the environment, and build healthcare facilities for AO victims.

Pack Cassiopian 11/12/15 14:25

Party and State policies and the community’s support will help ease the physical and emotional pain of AO victims.

Deck Hero14 11/12/15 14:27

Vietnamese government should have more policies to help AO victims overcoming difficulties in their li

Thompson Catherine 11/12/15 15:59

the US troops caused suffering to millions of the Vietnamese people during the war as well as in peacetime

Evans David 11/12/15 16:03

looking the Agent Orange victims miserable. should strongly condem those who caused this crime

Anthony Jones 11/12/15 16:06

the US must have responsibility and make compensation for what they had caused

Jack Walker 11/12/15 16:09

I think the US should show their willing to develope the relationship with Vietnam by supporting the Vietnamese Goverment in dealing with AO issues

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