Corruption of State power makes country down

Kết quả hình ảnh cho tha hoa quyen luc nha nuoc
Giving speech of conclusion at national conference on the prevention and fight against corruption held recently, the General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has highlighted the very clear message on the issue of corruption and the political assertion of the Party in fighting against corruption. We must determine to fight fiercely against corruption because it is high risk leading to “self-evolution”, “self-transformation”. When officers and Party members embezzle, it means that they themselves succumb to moral qualities as party members away from the party’s idea.
We have discussed a lot and there are many measures, many Law against corruption but the achieved results of this work are not as expected even more severe manifestations, corruption becomes more “sophisticated”. Up to this time, the detection of corruption is still weak points. The handling of corrupted behavior in some cases still be a slight shifting. The urgent situation requires the Party, State and people more resolutely against corruption with the first “internal enemy invasion”.
Corruption is always man-made. They are the staff of authority in the state apparatus of power to bleed. It is “alienation of state power”.
Strict handling is without “forbidden zone” or “exception”, we must resolutely build a mechanism to prevent corruption, a mechanism to punish and ensure that corruption is not necessary. The Secretary General also emphasized:" It is important to raise up opinion in public to severely criticize for acts of corruption, to educate ashamed spirit, suffering from corruption.
The message was clear that the relationship between mechanisms and humans, and as such with staff need to be incorporated and well solved in the process of corruption preventing; to perfect mechanism must be associated with the development and promotion of the role of staff.
More than ever, the spirit of our party and virtue of “public servants” as well as the integrity of an official or party member must be enhanced. Although we have tried to build and perfect the mechanism of prevention of corruption as General Secretary said, the operation of this mechanism will not be effective if our officials do not appreciate shame.
We can not fight against corruption effectively if we do not have the staff who really “live inside masses” and trusted by people. They are true “public servants.
The fighting against corruption has not achieved the desired result yet because of an important cause of staff. Therefore, the most important issue is playing a good performance for personnel; clearly specifying responsibilities of the executive committee and head of the mistakes, negligence, violation of principle of personnel management which makes corruption developed.
Fighting against corruption is the struggle within each agency, organization or unit; struggle within himself of every human being. Officials, Party members, especially those who are head of agencies, organizations must be at the forefront of the fight against corruption. In that spirit, officials and party members must be actual “integrity”, “strictly follow the code of conduct and standards of business ethics”. Nobody can lay the blame at circumstances and reasons to “accidentally” or “intentionally” corrupt. We also can not only preach and ask everyone to abide by and comply with while we ourselves are outsiders even let people in family abuse to do illegal enrichment.

In order to build clean and strong cadres, party members, we should have “specific criteria and requirements” of the “shame and honor” model for cadres, Party members about all areas. Moreover, it needs to promote ownership of the people and organizations in monitoring officials, party members according to criteria, taking periodic comments about people's status, members of an ethical way. 
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Thompson Catherine 20/12/15 15:44

aware of the dangers of corruption, for the past years, Vietnam has carried out many anti-corruption measures.

Jack Walker 20/12/15 15:49

many cases related to corruption have been brought to trial. That shows the determination of the Party and State of Vietnam to fight fiercely against corruption

Davis Caroline 20/12/15 15:55

I see although preventing and fighting against corruption has made positive results but corruption is still delicate

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