Exteral cultural strategy for Vietnam


To build and develop Vietnamese culture and people, meeting the requirements of sustainable development of the country, requires proactive international integration of culture, the quintessence of world culture, enriched national culture and promote the image of Vietnam beautiful country rich in traditional hero. Stemming from the practical requirements of the country in a new era of international integration, the Government issued Decision No. 210 / Q A - TTg dated 08.02.2015 approved foreign cultural strategy of Vietnam until 2020, Vision 2030 identified foreign culture made by all classes of society, in which the government plays a leading role, orientation, support mechanisms, policies and building national picture messages aimed at building the culture and people of Vietnam to develop comprehensive.
This strategy has identified 03 specific objectives:
1.Quang promote the values ​​of national culture to the world, making the world a better understanding of the land and people of Vietnam. Build trust and love for Vietnam, contributing to implement cooperation in other fields.
2.Continue quintessence of human culture, enrich and deepen the traditional cultural values, contribute to the culture and people of Vietnam develop a comprehensive guide to toe - good - fine , imbued with the spirit of the nation, humanity, democracy and science.
3.Phat development of cultural industries in the direction of a professional and comprehensive export promotion of cultural products to foreign markets.
The main task of this strategy:
Build and operate the national coordination mechanisms for cultural exchange.
-Develop The type, model, mode of operation of foreign culture diversity, effective to introduce Vietnam's cultural values ​​to the world through art and cultural activities appropriate to each tradition geographical areas. Specifically, the Day of Culture, Vietnam Culture Week, the Festival of Culture - Tourism promotion activities, promote cultural tourism in foreign countries, strengthening the presence of Vietnam in the cultural and artistic events such as EXPO International, Biennale, the famous film festival.
-Develop Cultural industries Vietnam, building a national cultural icon and a brand of national cultural products.
-Money The export of cultural products and services offshore Vietnam, build market share for Vietnam's cultural industry on the international market.
Formation up a cultural center in a number of key areas in the world and the construction of a technical center, Vietnam promote culture abroad.
-Establish Team Counselor Culture, Cultural Attaché at the diplomatic missions of Vietnam abroad and System Center Vietnam culture abroad.
- Promote the training and retraining of human resources for the foreign culture. Cooperation with other countries for training, fostering cultural and artistic talents, training of highly qualified professionals.
- Construction and development of a number of international art festival brand in Vietnam, enabling Vietnam public access to the cultural and artistic diversity of the world, confirming the capacity organizing international events of Vietnam, raising the prestige and position of the country.
- Attracting resources to support arts and culture development, contributing to the policy of socialization. To organize cultural activities in the form of external social activities with the participation of organizations and individuals at home and abroad.
Strengthening people exchange activities, especially border exchanges.
Mr. Ho Anh Tuan - Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism said: This is a strategy that is well organized, and the first of our cultural institutions in foreign cultural counselor.
Period in 2020, this strategy will give priority to expand in key areas, with a long tradition and geographical proximity as neighbors in Asia, ASEAN countries strategic partners in Asia - Thailand Pacific, and Europe, North America, South America, Middle East and Africa.

Vision 2030 brought international relations culture was set to go into depth.
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