Decree 05 of the Politburo rolled out nationwide


The Secretariat of the Party Central Committee yesterday held a nationwide video conference to review the 5-year implementation of Decree 03-CT/TW “To continue learning and following President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example” issued by the Politburo of the 11th term. At the conference, the secretariat also rolled out Decree 05-CT/TW recently issued by the Politburo of the 12th term on further learning and following President Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, morals and working style. The event made much sense as it took place on the occasion of the 126th birthday anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh.
According to reports at the conference, the outcomes of the implementation of Decree 03 over the past 5 years made a significant contribution to successfully fulfilling the Resolution of the 11thNational Party Congress and the Resolution of the fourth meeting of the Party Central Committee of the 11th term.
Members of the 12th Party Central Committee also pointed out limitations in the implementing of the movement “Learning and following Ho Chi Minh’s moral example.” A number of Party organizations, State agencies, social organizations and Party members were not aware of the importance of the movement implementation. Evidently, individuals and organizations did not pay due attention to the movement or did not execute it frequently and seriously.
Delegates discussed origins of the limitations and drew valuable lessons from the 5-year implementation of Decree 03 of the Politburo. They also emphasized the significance of the implementation of Decree 05 of the politburo and sought measures to roll out and implement the decree successfully.
Senior officials at the conference stated that the issuance of Decree 05 by the Politburo of the 12thterm was based on the reality. First, Decree 05 is the continuity of Decree 03. Second, the Politburo saw the need to improve the virtue, quality, ability and leadership of cadres and Party members in the new context. Third, via the nationwide execution of the decree, the Party Central Committee will enhance the Party building work, prevent Party members from downgrading their political thoughts, morals and life-styles of some and combat phenomena of “self-evolution” and “self-transformation” among cadres and Party members. Finally, the decree expresses the aspiration of all people to learn and follow their great adorable leader.
To implement the decree successfully, the secretariat emphasized the need to launch a nationwide movement to learn and follow Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, morals and style. The movement will aim to create a drastic change in thoughts and acts of the whole Party, people and army. The entire Party, people and army should comprehend the contents and great values of Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, morals and working style. All cadres, Party members and people should be self-conscious of learning and following Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, morals and working style. Key cadres and Party members should take the lead in the movement, and heads of agencies, organizations and units at all levels are responsible for conducting the movement in a constant and effective manner.
Party organizations, governments, Fatherland Front organizations and other political and social organizations at all levels should proactively draw up plans to widely disseminate and seriously implement Decree 05 of the Politburo. In implementing Decree 05, agencies and units should bring into play the outcomes and surmount weaknesses during the implementation of Decree 03. Leaderships of agencies and units should prioritize Decree 05 as their central political mission and attach the implementation of Decree 05 to other patriotic movements and emulation campaigns.
In the past, the military Party organization studied and implemented all Party resolutions in a serious and efficient manner. Under the leadership of the Military Central Commission, the military Party organization attached the implementation of Decree 03 to the Resolution of the fourth meeting of the Party Central Committee of the 11th term, the National Emulation Movement and other mobilizations and campaigns. Defense agencies and units focused on resolving their long-term and major problems and weaknesses in order to improve the quality of their task performances. They also paid attention to building a politically, ideologically and organizationally strong army and preserving the beautiful image of Uncle Ho’s Soldier so as to deserve a political and fighting force absolutely loyal to the Party, State and people.
After the successful implementation of Decree 03, the whole military Party organization is expected to thoroughly study and well carry out Decree 05 of the Politburo. Decree 05 plays an important role in building a politically strong army. Therefore, it requires leaderships and commands of agencies and units at all levels to draw up good action plans and effective measures to organize innovative movements to learn and to follow Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, morals and working style.
Party organizations throughout the army should regard this degree as an important part of their programs to execute the Resolution of the 12th National Party Congress and resolutions of Party congresses at all levels. Party committees at all levels should lead their agencies and units in attaching the implementation of their central tasks to the execution of Decree 05.
With valuable experience in the 5-year implementation of Decree 3 and high resolve of the entire Party, people, army and the whole political system, Decree 05 of the Politburo will be well studied and successfully rolled out nationwide. And Decree 05 will be implemented in a constant and serious manner, contributing to building a Party clean and strong in politics, ideology, organization and ethics.

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John Smith 18/5/16 20:34

In the hearts of all Vietnamese, President Ho Chi Minh is a shining symbol of revolutionary ethics - a man who sacrificed and devoted his whole life to serving the revolution, the motherland and the people.

Gentle Moon 18/5/16 20:35

On Vietnam’s path of development since the birth of the Communist Party, Ho Chi Minh Thought has been the torch lighting up the struggle for independence, freedom, socialism, a wealthy nation, a strong country, and a democratic, equal and civilised society.

Deck Hero14 18/5/16 20:36

The 10th Politburo issued Directive 06 in 2006 on the movement to study and follow the moral example of Ho Chi Minh and the 11th Politburo issued Directive 03 in 2011 to push the movement a step further.

Pack Cassiopian 18/5/16 20:37

The movement has enhanced awareness of Party members, officials and people about the basics and values of Ho Chi Minh Thought and his moral example.

LawrenceSamuels 18/5/16 20:38

In many places, the directive is not implemented in a consistent and voluntary manner, and the results are very limited.

Jane smartnic 18/5/16 20:39

In order to further deepen awareness about Ho Chi Minh thoughts, morals and style, and make them the firm foundation of Vietnamese social and cultural life

Only Solidar 18/5/16 20:39

the Politburo once again reiterates that this is a major policy of the Party which is both urgent and significant in the long run. This is considered an important aspect of Party building and revamping.

MaskOf Zero 18/5/16 20:40

Ho Chi Minh Thought is a system of comprehensive and profound ideas on the fundamental issues of the Vietnamese revolution.

yobro yobro 18/5/16 20:42

Ho Chi Minh’s morals include absolute loyalty to the revolutionary ideals, putting the interests of the Party, country and people above all.

Love Peace 18/5/16 20:42

With a deep gratitude to President Ho Chi Minh, the entire Party, people and army should translate the sentiment towards the beloved Uncle Ho into practical actions. We are committed to study and follow Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, morals and style to successfully implement the 12th Party Congress resolution, soon transforming Vietnam into a modern industrialised and deeply internationally integrated country.

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