The US’s lifting of weapons embargo is not a gift for Vietnam

        President Barack Obama and Vietnams President Tran Dai Quang take part in a joint press conference

Washington and Hanoi are facing securities challenges that both sides need a stronger cooperation to resolve; the lifting of weapons embargo brings mutual benefits.
At the joint press conference held by President Tran Dai Quang and President Barack Obama in Hanoi, President Obama announced that “the United States is fully lifting the ban on the sale of military equipment to Vietnam that has been in place for some 50 years.” This decision is a logical development of the relationship between Vietnam and the US following the establishment of comprehensive partnership between the two countries. The comprehensive partnership means partners in all fields such as politics, security, economy, culture, education and science-technology. Moreover, in the present context, Vietnam and the US are sharing common securities challenges that both sides need a stronger cooperation to resolve.
The decision was also made for the interests of the US. The two countries want to maintain peace, security and cooperation for sustainable development in the region. Washington is promoting the Asia-pivot strategy and Vietnam is integrating deeply and openly into the region and the world. Therefore, the decision to lift the ban on the sale of military equipment to Vietnam is not a “gift” that the US gave Vietnam.
Vietnam and the US are having numerous opportunities for cooperation after the signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) along with 10 other members. TPP is not only about the field of economy but also bringing geopolitical interests.
The only obstacle to the lifting of the ban on the sale of military equipment of the US to Vietnam was the requirement of human rights. Therefore, the act to lift the ban showed that the US hadn’t considered this requirement as obstacle to the complete normalization of the Vietnam-U.S. relations.
The announcement of President B. Obama on the lifting of the ban on the sale of military equipment to Vietnam has a big significance for the Vietnam-U.S. relations, enhancing and deepening strategic trust, making the comprehensive partnership worked. This will raise the efficiency in cooperation in other fields such as economy, education, culture and science-technology.
The decision will also create important foundation to raise the comprehensive partnership to higher level that is possibly on par with the strategic partnership.
Certainly, the decision positively affects the consolidation and strengthening of the security in the region. Vietnam, the U.S. and alliances and other partners of the U.S. can carry out joint activities such as patrol, military exercise on the sea to improve the cooperation to resolve the common security challenges, maintaining sustainable peace and security in the region.
Vietnam and the U.S. have established the comprehensive partnership. One of the most important criteria to determine a relation called “the strategic partnership” is sharing the common interest, in which necessarily no territorial disputes in land and on the sea. Vietnam and the U.S. have no territorial disputes while having a lot of common interests.
 In the recent visit to Vietnam, President B. Obama announced that “the U.S. welcomes a Vietnam with independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and prosperity.” The U.S. also shows respect to Vietnam political regime. Along with the removal of the last obstacle, the ban on the sale of military equipment, the Vietnam-U.S. relations certainly can reach to the strategic partnership./.

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