Peaceful place for American veterans (Part 2 and end)


After many years, the veterans and their families come to understand the responsibilities of individuals and groups for what the US military caused to Vietnam, especially the consequences of Agent Orange persist to this day. Recently an American website has published an article on the story about the two girls of American veterans exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam during the war are trying to raise funds to help victims in Vietnam. Fathers of Katie Costello and Heather Bowser, those veterans who are victims of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, are deceased.
Understanding the pain that the victims of Agent Orange have suffered because of this poison, they seek to raise funds to build a center for health care and vocational training in Pleiku, Vietnam. The two women hope their efforts will soften the pain of their families and all those victims in Vietnam.
Pleiku where Tony Matola, Costello’s father served in the Vietnam War and was exposed to Agent Orange. He died last summer due to lung cancer. While Bowser’s father also served in Vietnam and were exposed to Agent Orange, he died of a heart attack at the age of 50 after struggling with a variety of illnesses. The two men were present in the battlefields of Vietnam in the period 1968-1969. That time only about 1 year but it completely transformed their lives and families. "I took two months premature birth, congenital amputated my right leg, the left one missing fingers," said Bowser. Moreover, the two father were heavy psychological obsessed after war in Vietnam.

Bowser has come to Vietnam four times. She witnessed many Vietnamese influenced by the legacy of Agent Orange like her and her dad. Recently, there are  still areas of chemical contamination in Vietnam and even potentially harmful. However, Bowser  feels that Vietnam was not hatred and she is always welcome here. After a trip to Vietnam, Bowser and Costello have established a website to call for donation t of $20 million for projects in Pleiku. Costello said she plans to work at this center when it is formed and put into operation. “My father had lost part of his soul here and I think I will take it back”, said Costello.
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