Fascism was defeated by the Soviet Union: The unforgettable and undeniable history

                                     The 71st anniversary of Nazi Germany's defeat in Moscow

"It were people of the Soviet Union, who had defeated Fascism in the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), bringing freedom and happiness for also people of other countries all over the world." Russia President Vadimir Putin announced at the 71st anniversary of the Great Victory in Moscow, May 9.
President Putin stressed that: “It was the Soviet people that brought freedom to other peoples. It was our soldiers who paid back the Nazis and their allies in full for the millions of victims, for all the barbarities and atrocities on our land” and “May 9 became a symbol of the sacred relationship between Russia and its people. It is in this unity and loyalty to the Fatherland that our strength, confidence and dignity lie.”
As the President announcement, the deeds of home-front workers demonstrated the vital force of Soviet people, its unity, victorious spirit and love for the Fatherland. The Soviet people defeated a powerful and merciless enemy that many countries gave in to.
The coming day of 22nd June will mark the 75th anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War: on June 22, 1941, when the Nazis betrayed the agreement and treacherously attacked the Soviet Union.
At that time, Soviet was in deep difficulty, the life of a huge country was threatened seriously. And at this tragic turning point, there was but one choice, a superior choice to be made – saving the Fatherland became the top priority for the entire people.
The Soviet Union had to solve a lot of extremely complicated tasks, including the evacuation of millions of people and 1.500 factories to the East. After few months, the factories had started working and producing tanks, aircraft, ammunition and other military vehicles for the front.
This great effort had helped the Soviet Union troops push back and destroy Nazis army which had been backed by the entire European economy.
The Victory Day is not only the pride of Russia, but also the huge lost of 27 millions Soviet soldiers and people who had sacrificed their lives to gain the peace that we have today. The pain of that loss should never be allowed to forget in the international civilized community.
President Putin also said Russia is open to joining efforts with all states and is ready to work on creating a modern, non-aligned system of international security.
According to the President of Russia, “history lessons teach us that peace on Earth is not established by itself; that one needs to be cautious; that double standards as well as shortsighted indulgence of those who nurture criminal plans are impermissible.”
“Today, civilization is again facing cruelty and violence: terrorism has become a global threat. We must defeat this evil.” He said.
To mark the 71st anniversary of the Great Patriotic War, Russia had conducted a military parade at the Red Square in Moscow with the participation of many world leader and modern military weapons. Not only in Russia, there were also a lot of countries over the world celebrated this historic event.
Today, Russia is not powerful and reach as the US, the EU or China but it’s still a peacekeeper of the world, playing an important role in many international issues such as the fight against the IS in Syria, the extremists in Chechnya or ambitions to rule the world of the powerful counties...
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yobro yobro 15/5/16 21:18

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the start of World War Two

Deck Hero14 15/5/16 21:20

A huge lost was to trade for the peace of all European countries and others from the control of Fascism

Jane smartnic 15/5/16 21:23

Nowadays, civilization faces a lot of new threats from ambition of big countries as the US, EU and the raising China.

Love Peace 15/5/16 21:25

All of people on earth don't want another World War, killing innocent people.

LawrenceSamuels 15/5/16 21:26

Over 10,000 servicemen are involved in the parade, as well as 206 armored vehicles, Russian Aerospace Forces aircraft and helicopters.

Pack Cassiopian 15/5/16 21:27

Su-34 bomber-fighter jets were flying over the Red Square

Gentle Moon 15/5/16 21:28

The national flag of the Russian Federation and the Victory Banner of the 1941-1945 Great Patriotic War were brought onto Red Square

MaskOf Zero 15/5/16 21:30

There are still some countries that don't want a peaceful world, they want clashes, disputes and wars to gain interests what don't belong to them.

John Smith 15/5/16 21:32

Vietnam was with the Soviet Union in the fight against Fascism by sending soldiers to the front in Russia.

Only Solidar 15/5/16 21:34

Vietnam is a peace-lover country, so we will do to protect the country's sovereignty and the peace of the world.

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