Over 66,000 people pay homage to President Ho Chi Minh

                                            Visitors to the President Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum
More than 66,000 people paid tribute to President Ho Chi Minh at his Mausoleum on May 14-19 on the occasion of the late leader’s 126th birthday.

Among these were 11,540 foreigners.

The Command of Guards of the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum has joined hands with the mausoleum management board, Ba Dinh historical and cultural site, Hanoi’s Department of Public Security and Hanoi Trade Corporation to welcome the visitors.

On the occasion, the Da Chong (K9) historical relic site in Hanoi’s Ba Vi district also recorded 11,206 visitors offering incense to President Ho Chi Minh.

President Ho Chi Minh was born on May 19, 1890 in Kim Lien commune, Nam Dan district, the central province of Nghe An. He devoted all of his life to the national liberation cause while tirelessly striving for peace and progress in the world.

He led the nation to success in the struggle for national independence and in establishing the Democratic Republic of Vietnam following the August Revolution in 1945.

The President passed away in 1969.-VNA 

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Only Solidar 19/5/16 21:34

Vietnamese people and peace-lovers all over the world love President Ho Chi Minh

yobro yobro 19/5/16 21:35

He ranks among the most famous and influential politicians of the 20th century.

MaskOf Zero 19/5/16 21:38

He is one of the great leaders of the country. He had sacrificed all of his life for the struggle for national independence

John Smith 19/5/16 21:40

I have a lot of foreign friends who love President Ho Chi Minh and really want to visit the mausoleum

Pack Cassiopian 19/5/16 21:42

Ho Chi Minh was the first Vietnamese supporter to the Russian October Revolution and found the Marxism-Leninism the way to liberate the working class and peoples in colonial countries

Gentle Moon 19/5/16 21:44

Under the leadership of the Central Party Committee, headed by President Ho Chi Minh, our resistance war won a resounding victory at Dien Bien Phu

Love Peace 19/5/16 21:44

President Ho Chi Minh creatively applied Marxism-Leninism into Vietnam’s specific conditions, setting up the sound guidelines to lead the Vietnamese evolution to greater victories.

LawrenceSamuels 19/5/16 21:47

He gave an appeal on the occasion of the Communist Party of Vietnam

Deck Hero14 19/5/16 21:50

He has set standards in life and work for Vietnamese people to follow.

Jane smartnic 19/5/16 21:51

President Ho Chi Minh was the great master of the Vietnamese revolution, the beloved leader of the Vietnamese working class and the entire nation, an eminent soldier, a brilliant activist of the international communist and national liberation movements.

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